Is Your Home Ready for Summertime Mold Season?

While most people think winter is the time of the year when molds thrive, many forget that summer is also a critical period for their development. Certain types of molds remain dormant during the cold months; increasing temperatures and humidity end their dormancy and the spores begin to germinate. This process usually begins in late spring and becomes fully-fledged during summer. 

Toronto has humid summers, which are very favourable for mold development. A combination of warmth and humidity is a recipe for infestation, especially if your home has bad air circulation. Considering how harmful molds can be to human health, it is very important to note their presence early and act as soon as possible. Once molds establish, it can be very difficult to remove them. That’s why finding the right professionals for mold removal in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and beyond is extremely important.

Signs of Mold

The first rooms you want to inspect are bathroom, cellar, attic, and kitchen because moisture buildups most often occur in these parts of the house. The presence of mold is usually followed by a musty smell and manifests as spots on the walls, window sills, furniture, between tiles, under carpets, etc. Always wear a mask when you’re dealing with mold, because inhaling their spores can cause allergic reactions.

How to Prevent Mold

Molds are very persistent organisms, and if they are left to grow and develop, you might get a perpetual air quality problem in your home. Prevention is the key when it comes to these fungi; the following steps can help you keep your home mold-free.

Proper Ventilation Can Stunt Mold Growth

Dry air and good air circulation create unfavourable conditions for mold development. Proper ventilation is one of the key elements for good air quality; it doesn’t only reduce humidity levels, it also provides a source of fresh air and pushes out dust and other pollutants. Natural ventilation is the easiest option to boost air circulation in your home if you live in areas with good outdoor air quality. 
HVAC systems are widely used in many homes and business buildings for this purpose, but they must be regularly maintained and cleaned. A lot of dust, mold spores and other pollutants can accumulate over time in filters and other parts of the system.

Inspect Your Home for Leaky Pipes and Faucets

Water is crucial for the development and reproduction of molds, so it is necessary to remove sources of excess moisture.


Keeping your home clean will significantly reduce mold occurrence and development. Make sure to use natural cleaning agents, as harsh chemicals can further deplete air quality in your home, and open all windows during cleaning to improve air circulation.

Mold Inspection In Toronto and The GTA With Inch by Inch

Molds are easier to deal with when they are not fully established, and simple removal tools will be efficient enough to stop their development. However, if your home is facing an infestation, the best way to solve this problem is to contact a professional to complete a mold inspection in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and beyond. The staff of Inch by Inch Inspections is equipped with the right tools and expertise to help you permanently remove molds from your property. Inch by Inch’s professionals provide their high-quality service in Toronto and the GTA, so if you are looking for a trusted, experienced inspector, call Inch by Inch today and schedule your inspection.

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