Is Ventilation Trouble Harbouring Mold on Your Property

Mold can show up in residential and commercial buildings seemingly without any warning. However, in most cases of mold infestation, there are causes of mold that can be spotted early on to prevent the need for mold removal in Burlington, such as excess humidity, water damage, or poor ventilation. Air quality testing from leading mold removal and inspection companies, such as Inch By Inch Inspections, can help commercial and residential property owners with early mold detection and remediation. 

To learn more about the effects of ventilation and mold on your property, read on.

How Does Ventilation Relate to Mold Infestations 

air quality testingMold exists in the natural environment. It’s a fungus that travels in spores and grows in areas with organic matter. That’s why sometimes you may walk through forests or even your front lawn and notice mushrooms growing. Because spores are released into the air, they travel freely through outdoor and indoor environments, often without our knowledge flowing through open windows, doors, and vents. When a property has sufficient ventilation, mold spores will cycle through without settling and infesting, avoiding the need for mold removal in Burlington. Heightened levels of mold spores indoors indicate that a property is at risk for infestation. If you suspect that your property may be victim to an outbreak you can’t see, contact Inch By Inch Inspections for air quality testing in Burlington, Toronto, and the nearby areas. 

What Contributes to Indoor Mold Infestation

It usually takes more than just insufficient ventilation for a mold infestation to develop into a full-blown outbreak. The leading causes of indoor mold infestations are water damage or humidity. Mold heavily depends on water and organic materials to feed off of, using anything from wood and drywall to soft fabrics and insulation as a food source. So when vents are blocked in areas conducive to mold, whether in the attic, kitchen, bathroom, or basement, mold is likely to ensue. If you’ve recently had a water damage incident in your building or have noticed that humidity levels have been higher than usual, contact the professional mold remediation team at Inch By Inch Inspections to schedule a mold inspection and air quality testing. 

Signs You May Have Mold On Your Property

Sometimes, mold will make itself known to homeowners with a strong odour. Usually, by the time mold releases this scent, infestations are widespread and require urgent mold removal in Burlington from certified professionals. You can spot mold sooner by paying close attention to changes in humidity, which can be monitored with hygrometers at home or at the office. 

Mold is hazardous which means it should not be ignored. As they grow and spread, mycotoxins released by spores contaminate the air affecting the people who occupy that space on a regular basis. If your employees or family members, depending on the property infested, notice symptoms of exposure such as persistent coughs, trouble breathing, or even headaches that are difficult to explain, you may have a mold outbreak on your hands. 

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