Long-term Health Problems if You Don't Remove Mold

Mold is a microscopic creature, so its growth is tough to notice until they form large colonies. These tiny fungi also like to hide in hard-to-reach spots, so it is not a big surprise that many homeowners live with them without even knowing. However, mold is not just an unpleasant nuisance that causes unsightly stains on walls and musty smells. Long-term exposure to their spores can cause health issues that can significantly affect the quality of life. If you’re experiencing mold issues, it might be a good idea to get mold removal in your Burlington home done as soon as possible.

What Health Problems Does Long-term Mold Exposure Cause?

Not everyone experiences mold exposure the same way. Some people are more sensitive than others – children, the elderly, as well as people with allergies, compromised immune systems, and chronic respiratory issues. These sensitive groups can display symptoms even with short-term exposure, while healthy adults usually do not show any symptoms. However, inhaling mold spores over a longer period of time can affect both sensitive and healthy people. 

Some of the most common symptoms of long-term exposure include:

1.     Asthma and allergies – Children that were exposed to mold often develop asthma and allergies as a result. Adults suffering from asthma and allergies often feel that their health problem is exacerbated by mold exposure.

2.     Fatigue – Chronic fatigue significantly affects mood, energy levels and productivity, so it is often quite a debilitating health problem to all who experience it. As many common diseases cause the same symptom, its true source can easily fly under the radar. If this symptom gets worse when you’re at home, it is advised to seek advice from a mold remediation inspector in Burlington.

3.     Headaches – Many air pollutants have the ability to disturb oxygen transport in the body directly or indirectly. When the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen, it warns us by initiating the pain protocol. This results in headaches, and in extreme cases, even migraines. Just like fatigue, chronic headache also deteriorates the quality of life by altering mood and lowering energy levels and productivity.

4.     Lung problems – Constant exposure to mold spores causes inflammation of the lung tissues. Chronic inflammation of those tissues often results in reduced lung capacity and a wide variety of more serious problems. The initial signs are usually coughing, wheezing, and chest pain. 

5.     Depression – When we take into account that long-term mold exposure causes fatigue, headaches, exhaustion, and mood swings, it is not surprising its effects can also lead to depression.

Why is Professional Mold Removal the Best Option?

Mold spores are easily disturbed and spread by even the slightest air currents, so removal of mold-infested materials is a risky business. Thorough mold removal is a strict procedure that requires professional equipment and knowledge of both mold and building materials. Hiring a professional mold remediation company will provide the safest and most efficient mold removal for your home. Reach out to Inch by Inch Inspections if you’re looking for a trusted, certified inspector in Burlington.

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