How to Know if I Have Mold in My Mississauga Home

Sometimes when mold appears on your property, it's unmistakable, drawing the attention of homeowners and prompting them to schedule mold removal in Mississauga and eliminate the intruder. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, mold can be harder to pinpoint, growing and expanding under the radar until being picked up during air quality testing. Early mold detection is critical to protecting your property and loved ones from exposure's adverse effects. With help from Inch By Inch Inspections, you can get an effective mold removal in Mississauga. From air quality testing to inspections, we will help you find and eliminate infestations fast. 

Read on to learn more about how you can detect hidden mold infestations at home. 

Recognize Moldy Odours

mold removal MississaugaTypically mold can be easily identified by its signature musty odour. Mold spreads by emitting spores that allow it to reproduce. During this process, gasses known as microbial volatile organic compounds are released leading to a pungent scent are produced. These odours are not only a sign that mold is present but also an indication that you and the people around you are breathing in the toxins released by an infestation. When you smell mold but don't see it, contact Inch By Inch Inspections to determine the location of the outbreak and initiate mold removal in Mississauga. 

Water Damage Incidents 

Water is often the catalyst for mold infestations. That's why mold is usually found in areas with water sources like bathrooms and showers. When leaks and floods occur indoors, it can make the affected materials magnets for mold, attracting traveling mold spores and encouraging them to spread. Once water damage occurs, it only takes mold a few days to colonize. If you've recently suffered from a burst pipe, leak, or flood, air quality testing from a trained service provider can help you assess the risk of mold on your property. If mold levels are high, Inch By Inch Inspections will help you eliminate the infestation. 

Frequent Mold Infestations

If mold removal in Mississauga is not completed comprehensively with the right tools and approach, there's a good chance mold will return. More often than not, when homeowners attempt DIY mold removal in Mississauga, the infestation returns because it was naot effectively eliminated at the start. If your property is a repeat victim to mold, don't rely on at-home solutions. Instead, contact the Inch By Inch Inspections team for professional IICRC-certified mold removal in Mississauga and get rid of mold. 

Staining Like Mold

When it starts forming on common household surfaces, you may not realize that it is mold. Infestations will appear sporadically in earth-toned colours. Sometimes they will appear to have a velvet texture. When you see mold, don't hesitate to schedule an inspection and mold removal with Inch By Inch Inspections. Our teams will help you address the source of the mold and proceed with remediation. To prevent future outbreaks, it helps to stay on top of moisture around your home. With air quality testing and humidity management, you can be free of mold for good. 

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