Mold Removal and Remediation at the Workplace

mold inspection removal and remediation servicesWhile mold serves a crucial role in the ecosystem, its appearance inside workplace buildings is dangerous. A mold-infected workplace can lead to serious health complications for employees because they breathe in mold spores regularly. As an employer, you can be held liable for exposing your employees to an unhealthy moldy working environment, including any damages they experience. Professional mold inspections in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, GTA, and Oakville workplaces are crucial exercises to help maintain a healthy working environment by spotting and mitigating mold infections at the workplace premises.

Inch By Inch Inspections helps organizations control and prevent in-house environmental hazards that can harm customers’ and employees’ health by offering mold inspection services across Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, GTA, and Oakville. The company encourages organizational managers to do everything within their power to prevent mold growth at the workplace. Get in touch with Inch By Inch Inspections about scheduling professional mold removal and remediation services.

What Causes Mold at the Workplace?

The primary cause of mold growth at the workplace is the presence of abundant moisture in the building. This moisture may be a result of flooding or leaks. Mold often enters the workplace buildings through air and heating systems, vents, windows, and doorways, among other openings in the structure. It eventually grows when there is sufficient moisture to support its growth. 

Facility managers must deal with excessive water accumulation in the building to avoid the growth of mold spores. Some areas vulnerable to mold growth include carpet, ceiling tiles, walls, cardboard, fabric, paint, dust, and wood. Usually, you can detect mold presence if you experience a foul smell in the building’s interior spaces or black substances on the walls and other vulnerable spaces. If you can’t visibly see the mold, schedule a mold inspection from a company serving the Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, or the GTA area.

Risks of Mold in the Workplace

While mold exposure may have minimal or no effects on some people, others may suffer significantly due to their sensitivity. According to CDC, people with allergies experience various symptoms upon mold exposure. These symptoms may include itchy skin, congestion, and wheezing. 

People with underlying conditions such as asthma, lung disease, and immune suppression suffer the most from mold exposure. They experience headaches, fever, body aches, skin rashes, cough, nosebleeds, and shortness of breath.

Other than health-related risks, your employees can sue you if they experience symptoms associated with mold exposure. These legal battles can be costly, hindering your business's profitability and progress. That is why hiring a professional mold inspection company serving Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Oakville, and the GTA, like Inch By Inch Inspections, can save you from incurring such unnecessary expenses. Once detected, Inch By Inch provides mold removal and remediation services, ensuring a mold-free workplace. 

Where Mold Appears

The following are some areas that are prone to mold growth:

  • Basements
  • Toilet and sinks
  • Indoor plants
  • Doors
  • Leaky pipes
  • Heating and air vents
  • Upholstery and carpet
  • Windows 


As simple as it may sound, mold growth at the workplace can have far-reaching consequences on the organization. If your employees suffer every now and then from mold exposure, they can become less productive. Also, it's not worth spending several hundred or thousands of dollars on lawsuits filed against you for exposing your employees to mold. That's why you should hire a mold inspection company to facilitate mold removal and remediation at your workplace. 

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