How Wood Around Your Home Becomes Susceptible to Mold

Wood is used all around the home. From the framework of the structure, flooring, cabinetry, to furniture, panelling, and other interior elements, wood exists virtually everywhere throughout the house. When it comes to maintaining your health and preserving your home, understanding what makes the wood in your building structure susceptible to mold infestations is vital. With professional guidance and air quality testing in Oakville, you can identify mold outbreaks before they spread throughout your property. The team at Inch By Inch Inspections offers expert mold detection and mold removal in Oakville and the nearby areas. 

To learn more about how your home’s wood becomes infested with mold and how to prevent it, read on.

Porosity & Organic Materials

mold removal OakvilleWood is an organic material that is naturally porous, which means that it is covered with small, sometimes barely visible openings that allow for materials to pass through. The porosity of wood or wooden products enables the progression of mold infestation by allowing mold spores and moisture to get into the wood. Because mold depends heavily on organic matter to grow, the wood rots and creates the perfect environment for mold growth and a food source for mold colonies. This effect is even more common when ventilation is low, like in attics, basements, and crawl spaces.

Moisture Intrusion

Moisture intrusion is one of the primary reasons why wood becomes susceptible to mold growth. Leaks from roofs, plumbing fixtures, or faulty gutters can introduce water into your home, which can then seep into the wooden structures. Even minor leaks or condensation buildup can provide enough moisture for mold to flourish. It is essential to address any sources of moisture intrusion promptly and conduct thorough inspections to identify and repair potential problem areas. By mitigating moisture issues, you can significantly reduce the risk of mold growth on wood surfaces. If you’ve recently suffered a water leak, flood, or other water damage incident on your property, it’s imperative to begin mold detection efforts with the specialized technicians at Inch By Inch Inspections. Our teams offer effective air quality testing in Oakville, followed by comprehensive mold removal in Oakville. 

Improper Ventilation

Ventilation issues are almost always connected to poor indoor air quality and mold infestations regardless of the building materials at the source of the outbreak. When air quality testing in Oakville detects mold infestation on wood, there is typically a combination of limited ventilation and excess mold, creating an environment conducive for mold spores to settle and thrive. Poor ventilation causes mold spores to become trapped and moisture to build up at an accelerated rate. Enabling ventilation by removing vent blockages, opening windows, and cleaning air ducts can prevent moisture problems and mold formation on wooden surfaces. 

Mold Removal in Oakville for Wooden Surfaces

When you suspect or identify mold on wooden building materials around your home, immediate action is critical for protecting your indoor air quality and structural integrity. With expert mold removal in Oakville from the IICRC-trained specialists at Inch By Inch Inspections, you can be confident that colonies and infested materials on your property will be removed safely and effectively. The smart and strategic removal of mold by our team of restoration technicians will minimize the chance of future infestations. 

Air Quality Testing & Mold Detection with Inch By Inch Inspections

Mold spores circulate throughout living spaces. When moisture levels or high or mold colonies are hidden in your wooden building materials, the levels of mold spores in the air are heightened. Indoor air quality testing in Oakville is a great tool to evaluate the risk of mold infestations in your property and detect the cause/source of an outbreak. During air quality testing in Oakville, technicians will compare mold spore levels indoors with the immediate outdoor vicinity to determine if your property has unusually high levels. We can more accurately establish whether mold remediation is required based on the results. 

Don’t let infested wood affect your entire property. Contact Inch By Inch Inspections, the leading mold and air quality restoration experts in Oakville, Mississauga, and the entire Greater Toronto Area. 

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