How to Prevent Mold Growth during Summer Humidity in Toronto?

The summer season can create problems inside your home

Toronto can experience extremes in all four seasons and of our summers has proven to be some of the hottest on record. It can be a challenge to prevent mold growth during summer humidity when temperatures are consistently above 30 degrees. The high temperatures contribute to excess moisture in the air which easily passes into your home. Centralized and wall mounted air conditioners do a decent job of cooling living spaces down, but increased summer humidity can easily build up in non-vented areas of the home such as attics, crawl spaces and areas around the basement. Those living without an air conditioning system are even more prone to suffer the negative effects of high levels of humidity. All this built up moisture inside the home provides an excellent breeding ground for mold which is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Undetected and unchecked mold can spread from surface to surface and can ruin your home’s air quality while causing a host of health and quality of life issues for those living in your home.

Prevent mold growth during summer humidity by knowing what to look for in your home 

Mold can grow in the most inaccessible parts of your home making it one of the hardest problems to detect and remove. Subtle changes in your home or daily routine could be a signal of potential mold growth.

Mold can make its presence known in different ways:

  • Mold releases airborne spores and bacteria and creates a musty or stale odor
  • Early signs of mold can appear as black smudges or streaks on surfaces but can appear in different colors and textures depending on the surface and species of mold. Mold will generally discolor surfaces and if left unchecked can completely destroy the area affected
  • The presence of mold greatly reduces the air quality in the home and can cause mild to severe health related issues. Any changes in quality of life could mean a mold problem.
  • Fruit and vegetables that rot quickly in your home could mean a potential mold problem

Mold can fester and take hold of many different types of surfaces and needs moisture to survive. Unventilated and smaller spaces with reduced air flow are prime areas for the fungus to develop. The excess humidity during the summer months can speed up the process and cause mold to spread at an even faster rate. Professional mold inspectors, such as InchByInch, understand the mold challenges of residential homes and have the right tools and equipment to handle the problem.

Moldy homes pose health and safety risks 

Mold is an organism that not only breeds on surfaces, but also releases toxic bacteria and mold spores into your home’s air. The presence of mold means you have a potential low air quality issue and exposure to ‘bad air’ has short and long term health effects. Breathing in moldy air can lead to many different symptoms and respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, lung infections, asthma, allergy type symptoms, skin and eye irritation and extended recovery times from colds and flus. Long term exposure to moldy air can lead to more chronic health issues such as constant fatigue, irregular sleep patterns and serious lung issues.

Best practices that prevent mold growth during summer humidity

As the temperatures rise, so does the humidity in your home which can be a haven for toxic mold growth. Be aware of the following to help prevent mold in your home:

  • Make sure isolated areas of the home have venting and existing vents are clear and unobstructed
  • Check basement insulation for functionality and upgrade if damaged or old
  • Monitor areas that are hotspots for humidity such as laundry rooms, kitchens and garages and any other appliances that use warm or hot water
  • A detailed home inspection by a mold specialist can reveal potential mold issues and offer solutions for prevention and removal
  • Pay close attention to ventilation in the attic area where temperatures and humidity can build up to extreme levels
  • Check to make sure venting in bathrooms are functioning properly, cleaned and maintained regularly

A professional mold inspection gives you peace of mind

Mold can take hold of many areas in your home and can easily be hidden from plain sight. Visual inspections around you home can only detect so much and the services of a professional mold inspector can offer peace of mind. Trained in the latest methods and using the latest equipment and tools, certified mold inspectors can not only detect the fungus but can offer solutions to prevent mold growth during summer humidity as well as safely and completely eradicate it from your home. Detailed air quality tests combined with extensive residential mold experience will give you the best results for diagnosis any potential or existing mold issues at your property. The pros at InchByInch understand residential mold problems and will guide you through the inspection and removal process offering and the best possible solutions for preventing the toxic fungus in the future.

Trust your home to the pros at InchByInch for all your mold inspection and removal concerns

One of your major seasonal home maintenance priorities is to prevent mold growth during summer humidity. Some areas of your home may be inaccessible and could be exposed to highly humid air that is the perfect breeding ground for unhealthy mold development. When your health and quality of life is concerned, it makes sense to trust the experienced professionals at InchByInch. InchByInch inspectors are extensively trained in mold detection and handling with the latest resources and certifications available. InchByInch inspections have detailed experience in residential mold challenges and solutions and use the latest testing equipment to thoroughly diagnose any potential mold issues in your home. Removing mold is InchByInch’s specialty and their crews use only the most effective methods and processes to completely eradicate the toxic fungus entirely from your home. If you suspect areas of excess humidity or are suffering from any mold related symptoms, contact InchByInch today to get your home back to being healthy and safe.

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