10 Signs of Mold In Your Home or Office: The Hidden Danger

Mold is a fungus that can reduce air quality and cause health problems in individuals who are exposed to moldy air for extended periods of time. Mold usually thrives in dark and sometimes inaccessible parts of the property and it is important to recognize the potential signs of mold in your home or office. Excess humidity and restricted airflow that prevents water evaporation are the main causes for development of mold. The fungus can also spread quickly and destroy fixtures and structures if left unchecked. Mold also naturally releases airborne spores and bacteria which are the main causes for most health issues experienced by residents and employees exposed to mold contaminated air.

Typical signs of mold in your home or office

Because mold can fester in hidden areas around the home or business, property owners, residents and employees should take note of these specific signs and symptoms which could indicate a mold problem:

Moldy areas give off a unique and specific odor

While mold had the ability to fester in hidden areas around the property, it also gives off a telltale odor that is unmistakable and easy to identify. Areas that have a stale or musty smell to them can be a sign that mold is present nearby. The air may seem 'heavy’ and may immediately cause a reaction in the nose such as sneezing and irritation.

Visible mold is easy to spot

There are many different types of mold that appear in different forms or colors. Infestations that occur in visible areas will appear as black smears or patches along walls, grout and frames. Other types of mold will most certainly cause discoloration and may alter the appearance of the fixture. If it looks out of place and seems organic, it may be mold. Mold species can also have a textured look and may resemble an old style popcorn ceiling.

More coughs and throat infections coupled with longer recovery times

One of the more serious signs of mold in the home is an increase in health related issues at the property. Airborne spores and bacteria from mold greatly reduces air quality and directly affects the respiratory system when exposed. Chronic coughs and constant throat irritation could be caused by these toxic spores. Recovery time from infections is also increased as the bacteria also takes its toll on the human immune system.

Constant fatigue and interrupted sleep patterns are caused by low quality air

Are you feeling constantly tired at home or at work? Breathing in moldy air can create havoc with sleep patterns as oxygen intake is key to a restful sleep. Low quality air combined with the respiratory issues related to mold will negatively affect sleep patterns making you feel tired and fatigued on an ongoing basis.

Moldy air can cause changes in mood, irritability and even anxiety

One of the more subtle effects of moldy air can cause changes in your mood and general irritability when exposed to bad air over a longer period of time. Both of these symptoms will reduce the quality of life at the home or office and can eventually lead to more chronic emotional conditions such as anxiety. Low oxygen levels in humans can affect all parts of the body including your mental and emotional state. Imagine having to struggle to take even the slightest breath in your own home. Mold contaminated air can cause such a situation at your property.

Excess humidity can turn into excess moisture

Monitoring humidity at the home or business is critical in controlling any possible mold infestations. Unchecked excess humidity in areas like basements, cold cellars and garages can accumulate and turn into actual moisture which speeds up the mold infestation life cycle. Wet walls and windows as well as water damage on window sills, basement flooring near walls and staining on ceilings and drop ceiling tiles is a clear sign of a potential mold problem.

Bathrooms are hotspots for mold and mildew growth

One of the more popular areas for mold development in residential homes is bathrooms. Hot showers and the constant use of water makes this room favorite for mold development. Bathroom fans are installed to evacuate excess moisture but may not be 100% effective at normalizing humidity. Frequent checks of shower walls, baseboards, ceilings and toilets (including inside the tank) for tell-tale black smudges and other discoloration is necessary to identify the establishment of mold early on.

Issues keeping food fresh can mean a serious mold problem

Another sign of mold in the home is the quick spoilage of fresh fruits and vegetables. Normally, store bought produce should last 5-10 days even just placed on the counter. Fresh food that starts to decay quickly after as little as 1 day means that there is most likely mold spores in the air and mold exists somewhere at the property. Fast spoilage and decay of food could mean a serious mold problem that should be diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible.

Air quality tests can indicate the presence of mold

Residential and commercial property owners and managers should check for air quality on a regular basis. Any number of external and internal causes can reduce the quality of the localized air and create health and quality of life issues. Air quality tests are the quickest way to determine if there is a mold problem at the property. Do it yourself and home based kits may not be effective depending on the size and style of the property and it is always best to trust a professional for air quality and mold testing.

Other signs of mold in the home to look out for

The nature of mold makes it a problem for property owners and the detrimental health effects of the fungus means that presence of mold should be addressed immediately. Some other symptoms of the presence of mold are:

  • The development or worsening of allergy type symptoms such as irritated eyes and skin as well as hayfever
  • Digestive problems and lack of appetite
  • Chronic headaches and possible migraine attacks
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Reduced concentration and focus
  • Immunity problems and longer recovery times for illnesses and injuries
  • Shortness of breath and inability to take deep satisfying breaths

The next essential steps when mold is discovered

If any of the signs and symptoms of mold seem familiar, further investigation is necessary to determine if the fungus is present. Air quality testing is a usual first step as the mold spores and bacteria degrade the air with specific toxins that are easily identifiable. Experienced professionals in the mold removal business will have the latest testing equipment to effectively diagnose any potential mold issues at the property. Pros that understand mold will know where to look to identify and locate the mold site and will have the necessary and required tools, equipment and training to safely eradicated and dispose of mold.

Testing and removing mold is a detailed process

Once mold has been identified at the property, locating the primary mold site and any secondary locations will ensure a complete removal of the toxic fungus. Professional mold removal crews who have extensive experience with mold understand the preferred locations for growth in residential homes and commercial buildings. Because of how quickly mold can spread, identifying all mold locations is critical for the most throughout removal and restoration job possible. Experts who have the latest training can find those hidden pockets and offer the most efficient solution for removal and restoration of the affected area. Licensed professionals also have access to the best commercial strength cleaners, detergents and chemicals to fully eradicate the mold from the area.

Contact an experienced professional when you see signs of mold in your home

Testing for and removing mold from your home or office is a complex task that require extreme attention to detail and understanding of how the mold fungus works. While many do it yourself kits are available, only trained professionals have the most up to date tools and equipment to locate and remove all mold sites within the property. When any signs of mold in your home start appearing, contacting experienced professionals, such as Inch By Inch, to test for and remove the toxic fungus makes the most sense for property owners who want the best possible results. Professional mold removal services are highly trained in the safest and most effective removal methods and use the latest and most powerful cleaners to restore the area from the harsh effects of mold.

Seeing any signs of mold in your home requires immediate action

The presence of mold in your home, office or business is a serious problem as the effects of the fungus are wide ranging and can negatively affect health and quality of life inside the property. Mold can take hold in humid and dark areas of the home or building and easily spread and destroy structures and fixtures if left unchecked. Untreated mold areas also drastically reduce air quality and fill the local air with toxic mold spores and bacteria and can create many different respiratory and health problems for anyone exposed to ‘moldy air’. Hiring professionals with experience, such as Inch By Inch, is your best solution for identifying and removing mold from your home or office.

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