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What is Toxic Mold Syndrome

Posted on Jan 17, 2021

There are many different species of mold. Although we could consider most of them highly beneficial, playing a key role in the cycling of organic matter, some species are able to produce toxic compounds that can negatively affect our health. One of those species is Stachybortys chartarum, commonly known as black mold or toxic mold. It is imperative...

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Symptoms of Poor Air Quality

Posted on Jan 15, 2021

Many homeowners live in polluted homes without ever knowing their health is at risk. Many indoor air pollutants are very hard to detect with a simple inspection, while some, like molds, become visible only once the damage is already done. This is why the safest way to find out whether the indoor air is polluted is to get air quality testing....

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Common Indoor Air Quality Pollutants

Posted on Jan 14, 2021

Most of us, living in the city of Toronto, first think of fossil fuel combustion and industrial pollution as the leading causes of low air quality, but they are only a part of the problem. Even if the outdoor air is clean and fresh, you need to do an indoor air quality test to ensure your home air quality is equally good. Indoor...

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How Do You Treat Mold Sickness?

Posted on Jan 13, 2021

When we first hear the word “mold”, most of us first think of spoiled food, musty smells and unsightly stains on walls. However, molds can also be present in seemingly clean environments. They can hide in building materials, hard-to-reach spots, nooks, and crannies, which makes their detection by simple visual inspection very...

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How to Know if Mold is Making You Sick

Posted on Jan 08, 2021

Molds can be found everywhere. No surprise, considering a single colony can produce millions of tiny, light spores, easily spread by wind and water. Wherever there are favourable conditions for their growth – the presence of organic matter, moisture, and temperature between 77°F and 86°F – molds will grow and reproduce very...

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How Does Mold Affect Air Quality?

Posted on Jan 04, 2021

Mold is a term that encompasses various species of microscopic fungi that form multicellular thread-like growths (hyphae) and reproduce via spores. This diverse group of tiny fungal organisms plays a very important role in nature, as it decomposes organic matter and enables nutrient cycling. However, even though they are one of the cornerstones of...

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Reasons to Avoid DIY Mold Removal

Posted on Dec 31, 2020

Besides causing unsightly stains on walls and unpleasant odours, molds are also a serious hazard to both human health and the structural integrity of the building. These microscopic fungi develop in humid conditions on various materials that contain organic matter. Once they establish, molds reproduce quickly and vigorously, producing millions of...

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Areas in the Home That Might Require Mold Removal

Posted on Dec 27, 2020

Are you experiencing some of the following symptoms: runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, wheezing, skin rashes, watery eyes, chronic sinusitis? If the answer is yes, then you might have a mold problem in your home. Even if you don’t see any visible indicators of their presence, it doesn’t mean the molds are not there. They are very...

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How Do I Know If There Is Asbestos in My Home?

Posted on Dec 24, 2020

Due to its favourable insulating and fire-retardant qualities, asbestos was widely used in construction, as well as for making products like fire proximity suits. When it was discovered that exposure to its microfibers causes very serious diseases, its use was widely banned. However, there are still many homes in Oakville that were constructed...

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Identifying and Getting Rid of Black Mold

Posted on Dec 21, 2020

Many homes encounter mold issues at some point - from white, grayish or greenish patches on food to black spotting on water-damaged building materials. Mold spores are found in every corner of the world, so it is very hard to avoid them. They are easily moved by air currents, and once they settle at a place with enough moisture, warmth and organic...

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