What Does Asbestos Testing Look Like?

Once considered an advantageous building material, asbestos is now listed as one of the most harmful indoor air pollutants. Only a few decades ago, it was discovered that this naturally-occurring mineral is very harmful to human health and that it causes severe diseases like mesothelioma and lung cancer. Although its use in construction ceased upon the discovery, there are still many homes that need asbestos removal in Burlington built before the ban. Considering the harms of this mineral, asbestos testing is highly recommended to owners of older homes. asbestos testing in Mississauga

Why Choose Professional Asbestos Testing in Burlington

When you have concerns regarding asbestos, it is best to reach out to a professional for a number of reasons. First, touching and moving materials that are suspected of containing asbestos can release harmful microfibrils. This is why proper safety equipment is a necessary part of any interaction with this mineral. 

Second, in order to recognize the materials that contain asbestos, we need to know how to properly estimate their age, state, and other features that indicate what they’re made of and whether they’re a source of pollution. A professional asbestos inspector is already equipped with tools, knowledge, and experience to identify these materials. Hiring a certified inspector saves a lot of time and ensures safe testing and removal.

What Can You Expect from Professional Asbestos Testing

The asbestos testing process includes three key steps:

1.     Visual inspection

– Inspector carefully investigates the entire area in order to identify possible asbestos-containing materials. This may include flooring, ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, loose-fill insulation, roof shingles, house siding, furnaces, fireplaces, etc.

2.     Careful collection of samples

– After the inspector has located the most suspicious spots, (s)he will take samples while minimally disturbing the area. The samples are then labelled and sent to a lab for analysis. 

3.     Lab analysis of samples –

A detailed analysis will show the concentration of asbestos in sampled areas and confirm whether the home is in need of asbestos removal.

Once the results come back from the lab, the inspector will provide you with a detailed report. If the sampled area is contaminated, (s)he will also properly isolate it to avoid microfibrils’ further spread. The next step is to arrange asbestos removal.

How to Get Rid of Asbestos?

Since microfibrils are released only when the asbestos is damaged or disturbed, its removal is very dangerous. To properly take down and dispose of asbestos materials is a delicate process that requires experience, diligence and thoroughness. Due to the fibrils’ microscopic size, every corner needs to be cleaned thoroughly with adequate tools.

Professional asbestos removal adheres to strict safety rules and ensures that your home is completely safe once the process is done. So, hiring a trusted, experienced inspector will provide your home with the safest and most efficient asbestos removal. If you are looking for such an inspector in Burlington, reach out to Inch by Inch Inspections. Our certified staff is always ready to provide quality service, so call today to schedule your asbestos removal.

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