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Mold and Asbestos: 2 Serious Problems for Homeowners

Posted on Jun 26, 2018

The air quality in your home is so important to keeping the quality of life high for you and your residents. Residential properties face an uphill battle in keeping the air safe and clean and two major causes for reduced air quality are mold development and presence of asbestos material inside the home. Mold can easily develop in areas of your home...

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Is Your Indoor Air Quality Healthy? What You Are Breathing In?

Posted on Jun 18, 2018

You may have invested time and money into the exterior and interior of your home, but have you ever considered the quality of the air you breath while inside the home? It is a well-known fact that indoor air quality in residential homes is sometimes worse than the quality of the air outside. Certain toxins and pollutants have no detectable smell or...

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10 Signs of Mold In Your Home or Office: The Hidden Danger

Posted on May 22, 2018

Mold is a fungus that can reduce air quality and cause health problems in individuals who are exposed to moldy air for extended periods of time. Mold usually thrives in dark and sometimes inaccessible parts of the property and it is important to recognize the potential signs of mold in your home or office. Excess humidity and restricted airflow...

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A Handy Mold Inspection Checklist for Homebuyers and Sellers

Posted on Apr 13, 2018

If you’re concerned about household mold, you’ll find this to be a very user-friendly mold inspection checklist. It’s easy to understand and quite relatable – it will give you a good sense of how professional inspectors operate and how thoroughly they would be checking for mold. Clearly, this mold inspection checklist...

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Professional Asbestos Testing Is Key To Removal & Remediation

Posted on Apr 06, 2018

When it comes to asbestos, the professional approach is the only approach. And that includes both asbestos inspection and asbestos testing. If you suspect an asbestos deposit, you should be aware of the dangers, and of the absolute importance of managing the cleanup professionally. There are good reasons for asbestos testing Asbestos can be...

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What to Do When Buying or Selling a House with Mold?

Posted on Mar 26, 2018

The presence of mold shouldn't necessarily put the brakes on a potentially lucrative real estate deal. The key to buying or selling a house with mold is making sure both the purchaser and seller are fully aware of the situation and which repairs are required to restore the property. Mold is a serious problem for residential properties and can...

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What are the Top Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

Posted on Feb 22, 2018

It is widely known that air quality inside the home can actually be worse than the air quality outside. Indoor air pollution can be caused by many factors in and outside the home and may not have any telltale odor ,but can have serious effect on the quality of life inside the home. What is indoor air pollution? Pollution refers to impurities...

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What is the Difference Between Mould and Mold?

Posted on Feb 14, 2018

The only difference in the words mould or mold is the spelling – Canadians spell a certain way and Americans spell another way (there is no difference in meaning). What’s more important (whether its mould or mold) is the need to address an outbreak and professionally remove it. Understanding the basics of mold Mould (or mold) is...

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Difference Between Outdoor & Indoor Air Pollution

Posted on Feb 07, 2018

Poor indoor air quality (at home and at work) accounts for some of the most common of health issues. The average person actually spends close to 90% of the time indoors, so clearly, indoor air quality is important. On the flip side, indoor air pollution can perpetuate undesirable health risks. Indoor air pollution can take on many forms ...

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Finding Black Mold on the Wall is a Major Concern for Property Owners

Posted on Jan 30, 2018

The worst thing that owners can hear is that there is a mold problem at the property. Different types of mold exist but black mold is the most common in properties with excessive humidity and poor or restricted air flow. Is that black mold on the wall? Mold is a naturally occurring organism that serves a purpose in the ecosystem and one of...

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