Why You Should Book Asbestos Testing If You Have Popcorn Ceiling

asbestos testing in toronto on popcorn ceilingWhen most people hear of asbestos, they think of shingles, textured walls, and asbestos floor tiles. However, many people forget that the substance was frequently used in popcorn ceilings. This is a shocking revelation since there is so much debate about whether or not popcorn ceilings are actually safe to live with. Well, if you're concerned about your popcorn ceiling and want to know if it contains asbestos or not, contact Inch by Inch for asbestos testing in Toronto. We can perform certified asbestos removal in Toronto services if asbestos is detected. 

Why Asbestos Ceilings Are Dangerous

Some ceilings often contain asbestos, a toxic substance with far-reaching health consequences. A popular ceiling design known as popcorn ceilings contains asbestos. The secret behind its name is that it has a bumpy texture, thanks to the presence of asbestos fibers.

While you may see popcorn ceilings as perfect for your home décor, did you know that you may be sitting under a ticking time bomb? The danger may not be noticeable since asbestos is invisible and has no scent. However, prolonged exposure can result in asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. Therefore, if you have a popcorn ceiling in your home or office, it would be good to call for asbestos testing in Toronto. It's the only way to ensure you live in a healthy environment. 

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How Asbestos Testing in Toronto Works

There are multiple processes involved in testing for asbestos presence in popcorn ceilings in Toronto. The first two are do-it-yourself. However, the third method involves calling a professional asbestos testing and removal service provider like Inch by Inch. 

The first step involves scraping a small portion of the ceiling using a putty material like a knife. If you find white fibers, it indicates the presence of asbestos. Secondly, vacuum up grains from a small area of the popcorn ceiling. However, this is a complex and quite risky task because you may inhale the substance.

The third alternative is arguably the best and safest. It involves contracting a professional to collect and examine a ceiling material sample. Professional experts in mold removal in Toronto can observe precautionary measures to keep you safe. Two teaspoons are the minimum substance you need to get accurate results. 

What Happens If Asbestos is Detected?

If your popcorn ceiling tests positive for asbestos, you need to call a professional asbestos removal company in Toronto. They will help you eliminate this hazardous substance immediately before it causes any further harm. The contracted company will conduct any of the three options: 

  • Encasement: The contracted asbestos removal company will encase the ceiling into another material, such as a ceiling panel. 
  • Encapsulation: It works similarly to the encasement solution. However, the contractor sprays the ceiling with a sealant, like vinyl paint. 
  • Abatement: This option involves removing the ceiling completely. Don't worry about preventing dust or asbestos substances from spreading – certified asbestos removal companies use advanced methods to prevent dust and material from spreading all over your home or office. 

Need Help with Asbestos Testing for Your Popcorn Ceiling?

With 15 years of experience in asbestos removal in Toronto, Inch by Inch Inspections Inc. is here to help you safely test for and remove asbestos from your popcorn ceiling. Contact us right away to get a quote. We value your health – let us do the dirty work and help you stay safe.

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