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asbestos testing torontoAsbestos was a widely used building material before 1990 until its use was banned in construction due to its harmful effects on health. Inhaling asbestos microfibrils causes very serious lung problems and severe types of cancer in case of long-term exposure. You really don’t want to have this material at your home. However, the chance of having asbestos problems is not insignificant, considering many homes in Toronto were built before its use in construction ceased. The ones that weren’t renovated or well-maintained over the years are especially likely to be contaminated. Getting a professional asbestos testing from a Toronto company is the best way to know with 100% certainty that your home is safe.

Asbestos can be found in various materials – floor tiles, ceiling tiles, popcorn ceiling, house siding, roofing, insulation, etc. However, not all manufacturers used it for their products. Correctly identifying asbestos-containing materials in older homes is a task that requires specific knowledge and experience very few homeowners have. For this reason, hiring an asbestos inspection company is the only method to correctly identify asbestos-containing materials in your Toronto home and get an accurate assessment of the situation. Damaged asbestos-containing materials are the ones that release the harmful microfibrils, so if the materials at your home are intact, removal might not be necessary. However, only an experienced asbestos inspector can estimate which materials qualify for encapsulation and which require removal.

Although dealing with inspectors might seem like a tiring and time-consuming enterprise, there isn’t a safer or a quicker way to get rid of asbestos. If you are looking for a friendly inspector who knows his job well, reach out to Inch by Inch Inspections. Hiring our trusted, seasoned experts is a guarantee of quality service and a job well done.

Professional Toronto Asbestos Testing Services Available

Quite a few businesses have halted their work due to the ongoing pandemic, but not home remediation companies. Considering how much time we spend inside lately, indoor air quality has been receiving increasing attention. Many concerned homeowners are looking to invest their time and money to make sure their homes are safe. Asbestos is a highly hazardous material that can be very hard to detect, so if there are any doubts of its presence, it is advised to get asbestos testing. In the circumstances like these, it is essential to find a dedicated, meticulous inspector in Toronto that will strictly follow the safety measures while also doing his work diligently. With more than 15 years of experience, Inch by Inch Inspections is ready to take on any type of asbestos abatement project while ensuring the complete safety of the residents.

A classic Inch by Inch inspection includes:

If samples test positive for asbestos, the inspector will provide a written evaluation that will list the information about the location and the extent of the contamination. Along with the assessment, you will get a list of recommendations for correction and prevention. Even in trying times like these, you can rely on Inch by Inch. By hiring our certified inspectors, homeowners in need of asbestos abatement can be sure they are not jeopardizing the health of their families during the pandemic.

Asbestos Services Offered by Inch by Inch Experts

A hazardous material like asbestos requires handling by trained and experienced individuals. Its microfibrils are easily spread even with the slightest disturbance, so strict safety measures are a must. Inch by Inch’s seasoned experts are equipped with tools and knowledge to ensure the minimum risk of exposure and provide quality service. They offer the following services:

1. Inspecting for asbestos-containing materials – Depending on the specific requirements of your home, this can include management, refurbishment or demolition surveys.

2. Identifying the hazardous materials – This process gets a little complicated when you learn that certain manufacturers used different types of asbestos for their products, while some didn’t use any. Our inspectors know how to recognize the dangerous materials and identify the specific type of asbestos present.

3. Taking samples for lab analysis – Considering asbestos microfibrils are too small to be visible with a naked eye, testing for asbestos is the only way to precisely assess the level of contamination. Our inspector will take air and surface samples and drop them off at the lab for a detailed analysis.

4. Providing detailed reports – The inspector will take the analysis results and write a comprehensive report that outlines the location of asbestos-containing materials, level of damage, and recommendations for optimal management. This report provides the homeowner with an official assessment of the risk and serves as a guide for future abatement activities.

5. Repairing and removing asbestos materials – Depending on the extent of contamination and damage, our contractors will encapsulate, repair or entirely remove asbestos-containing materials.

6. Providing certification for reoccupation – Once asbestos has been removed from the home, independent asbestos testing is required to confirm the success of the removal. It serves as a guarantee that the area is safe for reoccupation. If you just had the hazardous materials removed by another home remediation company in Toronto, you can call Inch by Inch’s inspectors to do the follow-up testing. Hiring the same company for both the removal and the follow-up test will cause a conflict of interest.

Asbestos Inspectors Vs Asbestos Contractors

Depending on the responsibilities and the job they do, there are two basic types of asbestos professionals:

The staff of Inch by Inch includes both types of professionals, providing a wide array of asbestos abatement services. If you are looking for a trusted asbestos inspection company in Toronto, reach out to us any day of the week.

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