Professional Asbestos Testing in Toronto

When it comes to inspecting and testing for asbestos, this is work that’s best left to experts who know what they are doing. To begin with, the space must undergo a comprehensive visual examination. This is followed by a thorough collection of samples, and meticulous lab analysis of those samples. When asbestos is found, a written report is presented. The report describes the location and scope of asbestos found, and offers recommendations for corrective measures.

Asbestos is often found in homes that were built prior to 1990. For a typical homeowner, it’s very difficult to tell if a specific material contains any asbestos – which is why sampling and analysis should be professionally handled. A professional should be taking samples for analysis, mainly because of the potential health risks, should any asbestos fibres be released into the air. For a homeowner to be taking samples and disturbing an asbestos deposit can be very risky.

There Are Good Reasons For Asbestos Testing in Toronto

In the past, asbestos materials were used because they were heat resistant and fire resistant.  The big problem with asbestos is that the fibers can be inhaled into the lungs, posing particular health risks. Home asbestos testing is designed to determine if and where deposits are deteriorating and if they might cause health problems for occupants. While undisturbed deposits of asbestos may not pose any realistic danger, there is no reason to take any chances once discovered.asbestos dangerous to health contact asbestos testing professionals in Toronto

Removing Asbestos Deposits During A Home Renovation

Today, during a home renovation or retrofit project, asbestos may be suspected, as materials get broken down and disposed. Here again, whether inspecting, testing, removing asbestos, this work is not recommended as a DIY project. Asbestos testing requires the experience and expertise of a professional, and the specialized equipment that goes with the work. It’s not uncommon to find deposits in insulation, soundproofing, joint compound, stucco ceiling, parging, roofing and siding, and even decorative materials.

Asbestos testing typically begins with sampling, and although contamination varies from home to home, sampling is essential in ascertaining any potential hazards. In-depth asbestos testing will also serve to identify various options for resolving the problem. In fact, good inspectors provide accurate assessments and recommendations at the same time. For a homeowner, it’s important to understand assessment results in order to make decisions about corrective measures.

How does the asbsesto testing process work with InchbyInch?

The do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to asbestos inspection should be avoided – this is work that is best left to the experts. When not handled properly, asbestos is dangerous and even hazardous. When asbestos is disturbed, fibers are released into the air with potential health hazards. With a professional, inspection and testing is performed under the safest conditions, and preventing any contamination from occurring. As a homeowner, you should never engage with asbestos (and particularly removal). Only a trained and certified professional should be dealing with asbestos.

Before any inspection or testing, it’s a wise idea to consult an asbestos firm to get an understanding of the process. Dealing with asbestos is serious, so it’s important for you, as the homeowner, to understand the entire process – from inspection, to testing, to remediation. With a professional firm on hand, an asbestos problem will be handled properly from start to finish.

If you have reason to suspect that your home may contain asbestos, it’s best to reach out to a professional like InchbyInch Inspections in order to perform an initial visual inspection. A trained asbestos expert will do an inspection of various parts of your home, and will be able to determine if asbestos testing might be necessary. Asbestos professionals have the tools and expertise to properly inspect and detect.

Once decided, asbestos experts have a number of effective and accurate sampling techniques:  air sampling; surface bulk sampling, and dust sampling. Only necessary sampling should be undertaken, and in all cases, the process should be performed in accordance with provincial regulations. The samples should then be submitted to an accredited laboratory for professional asbestos testing.

Asbestos samples are sent to a certified third party lab for objective and impartial testing. This will ensure that there is no conflict of interest with your asbestos services firm. Furthermore, samples are appropriately labeled and handled so that integrity can be assured right from the collection point to the laboratory. Anything short of this will compromise the testing accuracy.

The third party laboratory will provide a detailed written report of the testing results. This will include a complete overview of the home/property in question. Written lab reports will identify specific types of asbestos and provide additional information about the nature of the material.

Your asbestos services firm will review the lab results and further explain the ramifications.

With asbestos remediation, it’s important to understand the entire process. Having a reliable asbestos firm on hand is the only way to move forward. Beyond managing the inspection and testing, they will explain the lab report in detail and provide recommendations for action. Here again, this is a time to do the work right the first time – asbestos remediation must be done right. 

Following testing, remediation should be handled professionally

When asbestos testing is complete, reporting should be simplified for the property owner. This is especially relevant for a property owner who is buying or selling a property. As for remediation, and particularly with asbestos, it’s important that a professional services firm like Inch-by-Inch Inspections handle the repairs and restoration. With out professional attention, asbestos remediation can get hazardous for the occupants if protective measures aren’t undertaken.

Asbestos testing in Toronto from Inch-by-Inch Inspections

All inspections and testing through Inch-by-Inch Inspections follow the established standards of InterNACHI and the Canadian Construction Association, EACO. Inch-by-Inch Inspections provides inspectors who are highly trained and qualified with asbestos handling and asbestos testing. In addition, by offering Neutral Reporting to property owners, assessments are both objective and impartial. For more information about Inch-by-Inch Inspections, call the company office at 416-826-7172 or visit the website at .

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