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How to Test for Asbestos

Posted on Jul 03, 2020

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was widely used in construction during the previous century. When it became evident that this material causes severe respiratory issues with long-term exposure, many countries banned or limited its use. However, considering that many residential and business buildings in Canada have been constructed...

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Signs You May Need A Mold Inspection

Posted on Jun 23, 2020

Mold is a colloquial term that encompasses many species of fungi whose growth causes discoloration and dusty or fuzzy appearance on construction materials, food, clothes, wood, and similar materials. Mold and their spores can be found everywhere, considering these fungi reproduce vigorously and play a crucial role in the degradation of organic...

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Asbestos Exposure in the Home: Risk and Removal

Posted on Jun 19, 2020

Asbestos was a widely used building material for most of the 20th century. It was mainly utilized in the manufacture of fire-resistant and insulation materials due to its favourable physical qualities. Asbestos was used for producing floor and ceiling tiles, house siding, plaster, brake pads, heat-resistant fabrics, hot water pipe insulation, etc....

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Understanding the Key Types of Mold Testing Methods

Posted on Jun 12, 2020

Molds are well-known air pollutants that cause allergic reactions, chronic sinusitis, and respiratory issues in humans and animals. They thrive in humid environments and are commonly found in business and residential buildings. Once a mold is present, it can be very difficult to get rid of them, so prevention is crucial. You may not always know if...

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Indoor Air Quality in Office Buildings: Is It Time for Testing?

Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Clean, fresh air is a prerequisite for anyone to feel energized, productive, and efficient. Clean air can improve blood pressure and mood, strengthen the immune system, and ensure better digestion of food. It is one of the key elements for a healthy life. Individuals tend to spend the majority of their time at work. An environment where feeling...

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Hidden Areas of Mold Growth at Home

Posted on May 25, 2020

The presence of mold in the home poses a significant threat to the health of all inhabitants. Babies, toddlers, and the elderly are especially susceptible to the negative effects of molds due to their sensitive immune system. Long-term exposure was shown to cause allergies, asthma, and in some cases very serious lung diseases. For this reason, it...

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Common Types of Mold in Home

Posted on May 20, 2020

According to the National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS), we spend about 90% of our day indoors, which indicates that indoor air quality plays a critical role in the health of modern society. While it is true that indoor air quality is influenced by outdoor air, many people forget that there are also indoor sources of pollution. Mold...

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DIY Air Quality Tests vs Professional Air Quality Testing

Posted on May 13, 2020

If you have the equipment and  know-how to do the work and repairs around the house on your own, you are probably saving a lot of money. Expertise is often expensive and a lot of minor issues in home can be dealt with without professional help, just with the right skills. Nowadays it is very easy to learn those skills, considering that the...

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What to Expect During the Asbestos Abatement Process

Posted on May 06, 2020

Asbestos abatement is a very serious procedure which requires experience, professional knowledge and great caution, considering how harmful these microscopic fibers can be. If you have a problem with asbestos contamination, it is best to call a professional asbestos abatement company. They are equipped with tools and knowledge to deal with this...

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Protect Your Family’s Health & Indoor Environment

Posted on Apr 28, 2020

In this day and age, the majority of people work in indoor environments. After the daily work is finished, they usually head to another indoor environment – back home. Just by looking at our habits and places we visit regularly, it is not hard to conclude that we spend the majority of our day inside. This is why indoor air quality plays such...

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