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How To Get Your Property Ready for Tenants with Air Quality Testing

Posted on Aug 17, 2023

Finding a suitable tenant for your rental property can be challenging — so when you do, keeping them happy and healthy with a well-maintained space should be your priority. Inch by Inch Inspection recommends adding odour removal in Toronto to your to-do list to have your property free of foul odours and ready for move-in day. Air quality...

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What to Do When DSS Finds Asbestos

Posted on Aug 15, 2023

Designated substance surveys are key to successful renovation, demolition, and construction projects. Mandated by the Ontario government, a DSS report clearly determines whether there are hazardous substances on-site prior to construction, allowing contractors, owners, and even occupants to properly and safely prepare with restoration and asbestos...

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Myths About Mold Growth in Your Home

Posted on Aug 10, 2023

It’s common for homeowners to disregard the presence of mold in their homes. Many horror stories involve mold, giving homeowners a preconceived idea of its characteristics that may not be entirely true. So much information is provided on the internet, making it difficult to understand the truth about mold. As a result it can be difficult for...

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Where Are You Most Likely to Find Mold in Oakville Property

Posted on Jul 31, 2023

Despite meticulous care, mold infestations can show up in the cleanest homes surprising the most attentive homeowners. If left unaddressed or undetected, mold only gets worse, causing reduced indoor air quality and structural damage around the property. If you’ve noticed the relenting odour of pungent mold growth, don’t wait much longer...

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Why DIY Attic Mold Removal is Never Safe

Posted on Jul 30, 2023

DIY-ing a home maintenance service can save you money in the short term; however, there may be better and more effective options. When it comes to mold removal, there are multiple steps in a professional removal service that require equipment and tools unavailable to homeowners. Air quality testing is a crucial step in detecting mold. Inch by Inch...

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The Benefits of Preventative Asbestos Inspections

Posted on Jul 28, 2023

The thought of asbestos can be intimidating. It’s rare that homeowners are aware of asbestos existing in their living quarters as we don’t typically pay attention to what is in our attics and other lesser visited areas, where asbestos is generally found. And even when we are in other areas where we can discover asbestos (flooring,...

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The Link Between Wildfires and Invasive Mold

Posted on Jul 23, 2023

Wildfires have been an increasing problem in Southern Ontario. With fires raging on sooner in the season than expected and for extended periods of time, major Ontario cities like Toronto and Mississauga have been making global news because of the natural disaster. With more spoke indoors from wildfire contamination, people are in greater need of...

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How to Safely Handle Smoke Odour Removal At Home

Posted on Jul 21, 2023

Smoke odour is not the most pleasant smell to live in. Whether it’s from smoking, a cooking mishap or a fire incident, the smoke odour can negatively impact the body and your indoor environment. Known as thirdhand smoke, this odour can cause multiple health issues, including cancer, if not remediated promptly. Inch by Inch can conduct various...

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Why Worry About Asbestos During Floor Renovations?

Posted on Jul 19, 2023

Floor upgrades are common in industrial, commercial, public, and residential properties. New floss are installed to better equip and interior the environment to its functionality. For example many warehouses and plants use epoxy floors to minimize wear and tear, schools use linoleum floors to facilitate cleaning, and stores or homes use tiles to...

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What is the Purpose of Designated Substance Surveys?

Posted on Jul 07, 2023

There are certain substances highlighted in designated substance surveys that are often found indoors that can pose a serious health risk; most of the time, occupants of a building are not aware of these contaminants. Depending on the substance itself, they could be the result of the natural environment, or they could have been used intentionally...

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