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How to Prevent & Remove Mold in the Laundry Room

Posted on Oct 25, 2019

Your laundry room is one of the more common sources for mold. It might be surprising because it’s an area of cleanliness – but laundry rooms are warm and humid – the perfect environment for mold. What’s important is to understand what causes mold to grow and how to prevent it. In a typical residential home, laundry rooms...

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Minimizing Mold Growth in My Cold Room

Posted on Sep 27, 2019

Mold is found everywhere in the environment and can infiltrate homes through windows, doors and water leaks. This is especially true for basements, which come with unique vulnerabilities that make them significantly more susceptible to mold growth. The damp and moist corners in basements that aren’t frequently trafficked create a perfect...

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Is Asbestos Affecting My Home Air Quality? 

Posted on Sep 20, 2019

Asbestos products were widely used in building construction for decades. It means that many homes may still contain remnants – and may experience home air quality issues that are compromised. For the most part, asbestos remains harmless if properly contained. Likely, your home air quality is unaffected. The problem, of course, is when...

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Mold Horror Stories - The Oakville Bathroom

Posted on Sep 06, 2019

We’ve seen some crazy things in our many years involved with mold remediation services, but one homeowner’s experience stands out as a true mold horror story. Last year, we worked with a family who purchased their dream home in 2010. It was a beautiful four-bedroom home that they bought from the previous owners after it had been...

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Debunking the Effects of Bleach on Mold

Posted on Aug 26, 2019

Mold is a universal problem, affecting most homes at some point in time. Homeowners are often unaware that even if you cannot see visible mold growth, it could still be growing in hard to reach places, such as basements, attics, below floors or behind walls. If you suspect mold is growing in your home, or if you see visible mold growth, many...

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How to Deal with Bathroom Mold Growth

Posted on Jul 30, 2019

Bathrooms are often sanctuaries within our homes. Maybe you like to relax at the end of the day with a warm bath or shower? Maybe you enjoy cranking up the tunes during your morning shower? Whatever your routine, there is one thing that is common about all bathrooms, they contain a lot of water. Sinks, toilets, bathrooms and showers, in addition to...

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How Does Summertime Humidity in Toronto Affect Mold Growth in the Home?

Posted on Jul 25, 2019

Humidity & Mold Growth Summer has officially started in Toronto, and that means sunshine, patio season, and unfortunately, mold growth. The extreme heat results in infrequent, but heavy rainfall that increases the chance of flooding. The large amount of moisture from the rain and humidity create the perfect environment for mold to flourish...

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Do you Have Mold in Your Home in Toronto?

Posted on Jul 03, 2019

Mold is a constant problem in our lives. We find it spoiling our food, our house plants, and even the infrastructure of our homes. As summer begins, and the weather starts to get sunnier, warmth and moisture can create the perfect environment to allow mold to bloom in your home. Although mold is everywhere in the environment and capable of growing...

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Mold Exposure: Signs & Symptoms

Posted on Jun 30, 2019

We’ve all seen it: a fuzzy white or green spot on our bread or maybe black discoloration where water once leaked in the basement. Mold. It comes in many shapes and forms and is almost everywhere in the environment: in the air, in the soil and unfortunately, in our homes. Although we often think of mold as harmless, exposure can lead to...

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Mold Inspection in Mississauga

Posted on Mar 25, 2019

If you have never checked or think you may have a mold situation, it might be necessary for you to schedule a mold inspection in Mississauga. Detecting all mold fields in your home is not the easiest do-it-yourself job and to thoroughly get the job done, you should hired licensed and certified professionals like our crews at InchByInch. Is a mold...

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