Ensuring Proper Asbestos Removal In Toronto

asbestos removal torontoAsbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that, before its ban in 2018, was widely used as a building material because of its strength and heat- and chemical-resistant qualities. Now we are aware that asbestos is a hazardous material, but its presence is still common in our homes. Once damaged, asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) release microscopic fibrils into the air. Due to their tiny size, it is challenging to detect their presence in your Toronto home without asbestos testing.

If your home contains asbestos and you are thinking about doing the abatement yourself, please think twice. Asbestos exposure can cause very serious health problems. Chronic lung inflammation and lung tissue scarrings caused by the microfibrils can lead to severe diseases like asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. For this reason, this material can only be safely removed by a professional asbestos removal company in Toronto.

Asbestos Removal Exposure Control Plan

There are strict rules regarding asbestos testing and abatement in Toronto due to the many dangers this material poses. Every professional asbestos company's job is to have technical and safety procedures in place when performing removal at any Toronto premise. At Inch by Inch Inspections, we have different procedures depending on the risk level to keep our clients and employees safe.

Low-Risk Asbestos Abatement Procedure

A low-risk asbestos abatement procedure takes place if the size of the contaminated area is between 1 and 10 square feet. It includes removal of smaller quantities of asbestos and non-friable ACMs like gaskets, roofing felts, vinyl tiles, drywall joint-filling materials and such.

This type of removal doesn't require professional training according to Ontario's asbestos removal and disposal regulations. However, wearing adequate safety equipment (respiratory mask, gloves, disposable overalls) and disposing of the removed materials according to the local designated substance regulations is an absolute must for any asbestos abatement activity, even if it is a low-risk activity.

Medium-Risk Asbestos Abatement Procedure

The medium-risk procedure includes asbestos abatement in a surface area between 11 and 100 square feet. This type of operation requires trained staff to perform the process, as the risk of exposure is far greater than it is with low-risk procedures. This is because medium-risk procedures also encompass removing smaller amounts of friable ACMs, which are considerably more hazardous than non-friable asbestos.

High-Risk Asbestos Abatement Procedure

If the abatement area is bigger than 100 square feet and includes both friable and non-friable ACMs, it must include a high-risk abatement procedure. Such a high-risk operation must be performed by highly experienced professionals. It is usually followed by stringent safety measures – complete isolation of the entire abatement area, turning off electricity, disabling HVAC and other types of ventilation, etc.

Hiring the qualified staff of Inch by Inch ensures a thorough and safe asbestos abatement with minimal risk of unwanted exposure. Our trained specialists are always ready to provide quality service and help you make your home healthy. So trust Inch by Inch Inspections for asbestos removal in Toronto, and call today to schedule your asbestos abatement.

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