The Places Asbestos Might Be Hiding in Your Toronto Home

asbetos in toronto homeMany homeowners are shocked when they find out that asbestos is present in their homes. However, when we consider the age of the housing stock in Toronto, it is not a surprise that many houses require a visit from an asbestos removal specialist before renovations. Disturbing the asbestos-containing materials will release dangerous microfibrils, exposing your family and the workers to them. Asbestos air testing in Toronto can help prevent such hazards, enabling early detection of the materials that contain asbestos. Some of those materials might include:

Hot Water Heaters

As a heat- and fire-resistant material, asbestos was widely used to cover water heaters and boilers and incorporated into other materials meant to withstand heat, like surrounds for furnaces, fireplaces and stoves. Any damage to these materials can be a source of asbestos contamination, and they are best removed entirely.

Roofing and house siding

Asbestos was widely used in construction for its very favourable physical qualities - resistance to fire, heat and electricity. It also offers good soundproofing, and when mixed with cement, it improved its physical qualities without increasing its weight. This made asbestos a material of choice for house siding and roofing in Toronto. Hiring asbestos removal experts before fixing your old roof or renovating the dilapidated façade is very important because the microfibrils can spread widely and pose a health threat to your family and people living nearby. 

Vinyl Floor Tiles

If the floor tiles in your home were installed before 1981, chances are that asbestos adhesives were used for their installment. Mopping, cleaning and vacuuming them can damage the adhesive and release harmful particles into the air. Floors are prone to abrasion, so having asbestos-containing floor tiles creates a significant threat of exposure. Encapsulation is advised if the tiles and adhesives are well-maintained, while removal is the best option if there is visible damage.

Pipe Insulation

Hot water and steam pipes were commonly covered with asbestos tape or coated with asbestos until 1985, so if you find any damage on the old pipe insulation, some asbestos is likely lying around. Getting asbestos removal in Toronto is the best solution for this problem. If the insulation material is well-maintained, removal isn’t necessary. However, the material should be encapsulated to protect it from abrasion and damage that may lead to exposure. 


Like vinyl floor tiles, wallpapers were also set up with the help of asbestos adhesives before 1985. If they’re in good shape, covering them with a protective layer of paint or other material should do the job, but if they’ve started to curl and deteriorate, removal is advised.

Asbestos contamination is a severe issue that is best resolved as soon as possible. If there are any doubts of exposure, asbestos air testing in Toronto can precisely determine whether this hazardous material is present and at what level. Reach out to the trusted staff of Inch by Inch Inspections and get quality asbestos remediation services for your home. Schedule asbestos testing today and make sure your home is safe.

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