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How Mold Testing Contributes to Clean Air in Your Oakville Home

Posted on Feb 21, 2024

Mold testing is a crucial step in ensuring clean air quality in your Oakville home. Poor air quality can have negative effects on the health and safety of you and your family. By performing a home air quality test, you can identify and address mold issues that are impacting the air you breathe. Inch by Inch Inspections is your go to for mold...

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The Dangers of Mold in The Attic

Posted on Feb 16, 2024

Have you got mold in your home, particularly in the attic? Attic mold is a common problem and needs immediate attention. Your family's health and your home's stability require you to tackle attic mold removal to avoid any of molds negative health effects. Infestations in the attic can sneak up on you. When they do, get the support of an...

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Signs You Need Mold Remediation in Mississauga

Posted on Jan 31, 2024

Mold, the stealthy intruder, has a knack for creeping into our homes and workplaces unnoticed. With its penchant for hiding in dark, damp corners, mold can go undetected for months or even years, wreaking havoc on your property and potentially affecting your health. This silent invader can lead to serious structural damage and respiratory issues...

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The Top 3 Factors Impacting Home Air Quality in Burlington

Posted on Jan 19, 2024

Asbestos air testing, alongside a home air quality test in Burlington, is key for homeowners who want to ensure that the air they breathe in their home is of the highest quality. On average, we­'re indoors 90% of our time, so the air inside­ of your home can have effects on your health. Poor air quality can cause issue­s like...

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What to Retain and What to Discard Post Mold Remediation

Posted on Dec 27, 2023

Dealing with mold in your home is a challenging ordeal, requiring not only structural repair but also careful consideration of what to keep and what to discard after mold remediation in Mississauga. This crucial decision, as you sort through infested building materials and items significantly impacts the prevention of future mold growth and the...

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Expert Tips for a Mold-Free Basement

Posted on Dec 26, 2023

Maintaining a mold-free basement is crucial for the structural integrity and safety of both residential and commercial properties. Mold, a common issue in basements, can compromise building materials and pose health risks. To tackle this challenge, regular inspections can help determine when mold remediation in Mississauga is required, and...

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What Are The Symptoms of Sick Home Syndrome?

Posted on Dec 12, 2023

Sick home syndrome is a common affliction in the Greater Toronto Area. When all or many occupants of a property collectively start to experience similar symptoms and illnesses such as dizziness, allergies, fatigue, or headaches, the source is likely linked to an air quality issue hidden within the building, whether it’s a home, business, or...

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What's Causing Mold On Your Property

Posted on Nov 30, 2023

Mold growth poses a prevalent and hazardous issue in properties across the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga. Its stealthy nature and potential health risks make understanding the causes, triggers, and effective remediation crucial. From residential homes to commercial spaces, the presence of mold can be insidious, necessitating proactive...

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Signs Mold is Making You Sick

Posted on Nov 27, 2023

Mold growth in homes poses a potential threat to our health, with the ability to trigger various health problems. Recognizing the signs that mold might be adversely affecting your well-being is crucial for addressing the issue promptly. These symptoms and signs signify the need for black mold removal and maintenance. Mold removal in Mississauga is...

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Why Conduct Mold Inspections After Water Damage

Posted on Nov 24, 2023

A hidden danger often emerges in the aftermath of water damage  - mold. Mold will thrive rapidly in moist and humid environments, but it's not always visible to the naked eye. This is why it is essential to conduct a mold inspection in Mississauga following water damage to protect both your property and your health. Inch By Inch...

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