A Burlington Homeowners Guide to Asbestos Testing

Burlington is becoming an increasingly popular home for those choosing to live near Toronto. If you’re one of them, congratulations on becoming a new homeowner in Burlington! As with any other large purchase, buying a home can be a complicated process, and completing a home inspection is one of the best ways to ensure that your new home doesn’t have any underlying issues. However, most home inspections only last an hour or two and do not take time to complete certain inspections, such as asbestos testing thoroughly. In older homes in the GTA, including Burlington, asbestos can be hidden away in the home’s structural parts, often missed in most home inspections. Below, we guide you on the process for asbestos inspections in your Burlington home and how the experts at Inch By Inch perform asbestos removal services. 

The Attic

One of the first places to check for signs of asbestos is in your attic. Loose-fill insulation is commonly used to insulate attics in Ontario, although there are many types of insulation. If your attic uses batt or blanket for insulation, you most likely need no worry as it’s likely cellulose or fiberglass insulation. However, loose-fill insulation often uses a variety of different materials. If your insulation is grey or brown and has a fluffy texture, it is likely cellulose insulation. However, vermiculite insulation, which has a shiny gold colour and comes in pebble sizes, is often one of the most common places that insulation can be found.

The Ceiling

Another common area where asbestos can be found is in popcorn ceilings. Asbestos was commonly used to cover up deficiencies in the ceiling and was highly used during the 1970s. If your home was built during this time and has a popcorn ceiling, it likely contains some amount of asbestos. 

Do You Need Asbestos Testing? 

If you think you have asbestos, there are three different options you can choose. First, you can contact your landlord or your property manager and let them know your findings. However, this will likely take a long time to resolve as the landlord will not want to pay for an inspection or test on the home and try to reassure you that there is no reason to worry. The second option is to collect some samples yourself and send them to the lab for inspection. However, this option is risky as well since you may not ship the correct sample size to get an accurate reading, and if it is asbestos, it is hazardous for you to be handling it. 

Call An Asbestos Expert

The third and best option is to call an expert. An asbestos professional can safely and securely arrive at your home, grab a sample, and send it to the lab. From there, they can let you know the results and provide mitigation strategies on how to deal with this. The most cost-effective strategy and secure method for asbestos are to have a professional help you. Contact InchbyInch Inspections, and we can guide you on the process of how to protect your family and your home. 


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