Places in the Home to Test for Asbestos

Asbestos testing and removal experts Oakville Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral used widely hen developing the city of Oakville. Asbestos was commonly mixed with concrete to improve its resistance to fire and electrical conductivity without increasing its weight. However, its use in construction ceased when it was discovered that inhaling its microfibers causes very serious diseases. There are still many homes in Oakville that were built before the ban, so asbestos-containing materials are always around us. The best way to determine whether your home is under a threat of asbestos pollution is to arrange asbestos testing.

It is best practice for new homeowners is to hire an expert asbestos removal company, like Inch by Inch Inspections, to conduct asbestos testing in their Oakville home. 


Where Can I Find Asbestos in My Home?

Before we begin to talk about this in detail, it is imperative to know one thing. Asbestos-containing materials are not dangerous unless they are damaged. Only airborne microfibrils can end up in the lungs and cause inflammation and other health complications. So, when looking for asbestos, you need to pay attention to the building materials' state. Asbestos microfibers are invisible to the naked eye, so looking for them yourself won't yield any results. 

To help you recognize where the danger might hide, we'll list the most common places where asbestos can be found in the home. 


  1. Roofing and house siding materials – To improve their heat resistance and insulating qualities, old roof shingles and house siding were made of materials that contain asbestos. Considering that these are located outside, they're always exposed to various types of damage. If your Oakville home has this old-school roofing and siding, asbestos removal is highly advised.
  2. Pipe insulation – Heat-resistant qualities of asbestos were also widely utilized for manufacturing pipe insulation. Any traces of damage on the coating, or even worse, grayish-white fibers that protrude through the pipe coating cracks directly indicate asbestos contamination.
  3. Flooring – Vinyl floor tiles and adhesives used for their setup commonly contain asbestos, so any damage to these materials can potentially release the microfibers. The damage can be caused by any regular activity (vacuuming, walking, dropping something onto the floor, etc.), so it is vital to test these materials for asbestos.
  4. Popcorn ceilings – These were very common in homes built during the second half of the previous century. The materials used for their coatings usually contained asbestos.
  5. Wallboards and wallpapers – If you plan to renovate your old home and change those old-school wallpapers, it is best to consult an asbestos removal expert first. Many homes in Oakville built before the 1985 include wallpapers and wallboards made with this harmful mineral. 

Asbestos is a highly hazardous material, so if you doubt its presence in your home, asbestos testing is highly advised. Due to its nature, it is best to look for an asbestos removal expert instead of opting for DIY methods. The certified and trusted staff at Inch by Inch Inspections are ready to provide quality service. So reach out today to schedule your asbestos testing in Oakville.

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