Why You Need an Asbestos Inspection in Your Home or Business

asbestos testing burlingtonIf you’re not a DIY enthusiast, it’s likely that you don’t know much about the materials that go into the structure of your property — you simply trust that they are safe. But there’s a hidden danger lurking inside many older homes: asbestos. Asbestos testing in Burlington looks for the visual and airborne presence of asbestos particles that may be flaking, chipping, or degrading from old materials. Inch by Inch’s air quality testing in Burlington is the only way to tell if asbestos negatively affects your indoor environment, putting you at risk for lung cancer and other health issues. 

Environmental Dangers

Asbestos was once widely used around the world because of its exceptional insulating and fire-retardant qualities. But by 2018, it was fully banned in Canada due to the growing evidence of severe environmental and physical effects it causes to humans. 

If asbestos in your home or business becomes airborne, the particles may spread to nearby buildings, putting neighbours, visitors, and clients at risk of exposure. Testing for asbestos can help you improve your environment, lower everyone’s risk, and reduce your liability. 

Property Values

The dangers of asbestos exposure are well known and have a terrible effect on your property value. If you’re looking to buy or sell your building down the road, booking air quality testing in Burlington is an excellent way to be prepared. Removing asbestos with Inch by Inch can help you keep your home at maximum property value and signal to buyers that you’re selling a well-maintained and safe building. Before moving in, removing asbestos eliminates the health risks and provides an excellent bargaining chip in the negotiation process. 

Prevent Asbestos-Related Illness

The main health risk with asbestos is a dangerous lung cancer called mesothelioma. It develops slowly from damage caused by breathing in minute asbestos particles. These tiny particles are almost impossible to see and cannot be smelled or felt, but they have a devastating effect on your respiratory system. They can circulate throughout your home or business via the HVAC system. There is no known cure for mesothelioma, which makes early detection and eradication of asbestos extremely important. 

How to Reduce Your Risk of Asbestos

Asbestos was used in a handful of different materials and may remain inert — and therefore safe — for many years.  At Inch by Inch, we can often recommend treating asbestos-containing materials with paint or strengtheners to prevent them from chipping and releasing micro-particles. Other times we recommend wholesale removal, such as with asbestos-contaminated insulation or seriously degraded materials. 

It’s best to perform asbestos testing in Burlington before renovations, during a home inspection, or before putting your building on the market, so that you can ensure everyone’s safety and reduce the risk of exposure to asbestos particles. Get in touch with the Inch by Inch team to learn more about air quality improvements like asbestos removal and more. 

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