Why Regular Mold Inspections Are Necessary in Toronto

mold testing and removal services torontoEvery year professional mold inspectors conduct thousands of tests and inspections to make sure that the properties of numerous home and business owners are safe and healthy. Some may ask is this really necessary, but when we consider how common mold contamination is and its effects on health, we can see that these microscopic fungi are not only an unpleasant nuisance. 

Molds thrive in humidity, darkness, and room temperature, making our homes and offices perfect environments for them to occupy. Once they establish their colonies, it can be very challenging to get rid of them for good. Prevention is the key when it comes to molds, and reaching out for mold remediation services in Toronto can help you get a few steps ahead of these persistent microorganisms. If you are looking for a trusted inspector, the experienced staff of Inch by Inch Inspections offers mold inspection and mold removal services in Toronto.

Visible Mold Is a Problem

Although it might seem like a nuisance to some homeowners, mold colonies can create respiratory health problems. Aside from the unsightly view and unpleasant smells, these microscopic organisms can deplete sleep quality and cause symptoms of allergies, like sneezing, stuffy nose, irritated eyes and dry patches on the skin. Long-term exposure to molds is known to cause severe effects, including memory loss, insomnia and difficulty concentrating. It also contributes to mental issues like depression and anxiety. These symptoms are often attributed to other factors, so mold contaminations often don’t receive as much attention as they require. If you notice musty smells or see dark patches growing on your walls and building materials, do not ignore these signs and get mold remediation in Toronto as soon as possible. 

Visible mold growth indicates that these persistent organisms have already established in that area, and their mycelium is deep inside the building material. Surface removal is not enough in this case, as they will quickly reestablish from the remaining mycelium. The only certain way to get rid of molds is to get a professional mold removal for your Toronto home.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy an OTC Mold Test Kit

Many DIY mold testing kits are available on the market, promising they provide an easy and cheap way to detect mold in your home. However, these tests often fail to deliver on their promises. Their accuracy highly depends on the person taking the samples, so the results cannot guarantee correct estimation. For the test to be viable, choosing the sampling spots that will accurately represent the actual situation and perform the sampling itself correctly is necessary.

Unreliable results can lead you into thinking that you need an expensive removal when you don’t or that your health is not jeopardized when it is. Leaving all this hassle to the experts is the best choice. Hiring a professional mold remediation service guarantees correct assessment and provides you with the information necessary to optimally solve the issue if there is one in the first place.

Prevent Health Issues

Exposure to mold spores can have many subtle effects that are difficult to correlate with their actual cause. If the exposure continues over an extended time, one can develop health problems that are highly detrimental to the quality of life. If you suffer from chronic allergy, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, or have difficulty concentrating, you might want to get a mold inspection. The certified team of Inch by Inch Inspections is always ready to provide quality service and make your home a cleaner and healthier place. Contact Inch by Inch today and schedule your mold inspection.

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