Why Check for Mold Ahead of Your Holiday Gathering

Mold can sneak up on you, even in the winter, with melting snow, rain, and heaters increasing indoor infestations. As mold takes over your space, its impact on the indoor environment worsens, causing poor indoor air quality, illness, and unwelcoming odours. With many parties and gatherings scheduled for the holiday season, it's important to check for hidden outbreaks with mold testing in Toronto to ensure you and your guests feel their best. Inch By Inch Inspections will help you identify all sources of mold in your home, even outbreaks that you can't see, with comprehensive air quality testing in Toronto

Read on to learn why you should always check for mold before your holiday gathering.

Stay Healthy Before Your Big Event

mold inspection torontoHoliday gatherings are supposed to be a good time, and you wouldn't want to feel unwell in the days or hours leading up to your party. While you may think it's a minor cold that you could shake off, your illness may be due to mold exposure. To ensure that you're feeling your best for your party, contact Inch by Inch Inspections for mold and air quality testing in Toronto. If mold is present in your home, our team will efficiently eliminate it, so you can feel healthy for your party.

Don't Have Any Sick Guests

It doesn't take much time to feel the effects of mold exposure, and if you have mold in your home and you have guests over, they may start to fall ill. When people are around mold infestations, they will begin to feel adverse health effects. Everyone reacts differently to mold, so those more sensitive to it may experience migraines, fatigue, or skin irritation. 

Makes Your Home More Inviting

By conducting mold testing in Toronto to ensure your home has no mold infestations, it makes your home more inviting for your guests. They won't be greeted with bad smells or unsightly stains in the corners of your walls or ceiling. Additionally, mold infestations will decrease the air quality of your home, which may cause your guests to feel lethargic during the time they spend at your party. If your guests leave your party feeling unwell, they may not return anytime soon. 

Where to Find Mold

Places like your bathroom, basement, or kitchen are all common for mold infestations, all due to high humidity and low ventilation. However, unchecked mold may spread underneath carpets, floors, or within walls. However, the biggest reason mold may be in your home this holiday season is due to your Christmas tree. Mold spores will attach themselves to Christmas trees and seamlessly enter your home. Once inside, your home provides perfect conditions for growth: water from the tree, heat from your fireplace, and an organic food source. 

Why Mold May Be In Your Home

Mold is caused by high humidity, lack of airflow, and the presence of organic materials. If your home has excessive moisture from poor window sealing, a leak in the attic, or unrestored water damage, mold is likely prevalent. 

Mold Testing with Inch By Inch Inspections

This year, Inch By Inch Inspections want you and your guests to enjoy your holiday party. Check your home for mold with air quality testing and a mold inspection from the trusted technicians at Inch By Inch.

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