Why Asbestos is a Designated Substance in Ontario

Many commercial and residential properties have lingering harmful substances, such as asbestos, lead, silica, or radon. Many of these substances can become even more dangerous and pose significant health risks with construction and renovations, which is why a designated substance survey is required by Ontario laws and regulations. A DSS report will identify the contaminants so a plan of action can be implemented. If a DSS report shows that asbestos is prevalent, contact Inch By Inch Inspections for asbestos abatement services. Once asbestos removal is complete, renovations are able to carry on with ease and minimized risk. 

Read on to learn more about why asbestos is a designated substance.

Why is Asbestos Dangerous?

asbestos removal & abatementAsbestos is a highly hazardous mineral that may cause lifelong health problems. When asbestos is airborne, the small fibres are easily inhaled, attaching themselves to your lungs. Asbestos exposure may cause numerous respiratory problems and asbestos-related illnesses, such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, or asbestosis. The severity of asbestos-related illnesses makes it incredibly dangerous.

When Does Asbestos Become Dangerous?

Asbestos becomes dangerous when cut, sawed, sanded, or disturbed and becomes airborne. Renovations and construction often involve a lot of disruption, so asbestos must be identified in a designated substance survey. Once asbestos is discovered, professional asbestos removal must be completed before renovations carry on. 

How to Know if You Need Asbestos Removal

Conducting an asbestos inspection is the only surefire way to know if asbestos is lingering in your property. However, properties built in the mid to late 20th century are more likely to contain the harmful mineral. Until the mid-1980s, asbestos was a widely used building material due to its strength, affordability, and accessibility. However, the use of it quickly declined as soon as the health risks associated with it were discovered. Prior to starting renovations or maintenance projects, contact Inch By Inch Inspections for asbestos testing and asbestos abatement services.

Where is Asbestos Found?

Asbestos has the potential to be found in many building materials across properties. The durability of it made it an excellent addition to floor tiles, drywall, and joint compounds for walls and ceilings. The heat-resistance and fireproofing qualities of asbestos made it a common addition in pipe wrappings, ductwork, shingles, siding, and insulation. It may be found in ceiling tiles and popcorn ceilings because of its soundproofing qualities.

Benefits of Addressing and Removing Asbestos

Addressing and removing asbestos as soon as possible eliminates any risk of exposure and potential health risks. Before you begin renovations or construction projects, Inch By Inch Inspections will help you discover asbestos as well as help you obtain a designated substance survey report. Once a DSS is filed and asbestos is eliminated, it provides peace of mind. Renovations will continue safely and seamlessly.

Find a Reputable Asbestos Abatement Company

When looking for a reputable asbestos abatement company, make sure it's certified, trusted, and willing to provide references. At Inch By Inch Inspections, our trusted and experienced team of specialists will work with you every step of the way to ensure your property is free of hazardous substances.

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