Where to Look for Asbestos this Summer?

While asbestos is often considered a problem of the past, it still has a way of sneaking up on property owners today. The mineral was used far and wide in Canadian construction for a number of years. Its abundance, affordability, and thermal resistance made asbestos a top choice in the manufacturing of key building materials. As residential and commercial construction increases in the wake of summer, asbestos abatement will become increasingly important. With professional designated substance surveys from the leaders at Inch By Inch Inspections you can effectively detect hazardous materials and contaminants on your property to streamline progress on your project. 

Read on to learn more about where you may find asbestos on your property this summer. 

Residential Asbestos Inspections

asbestos abatementMany residential buildings, especially those constructed around 1985s, may contain asbestos. Common areas where asbestos abatement may be required are within floor tiles, roofing materials, insulation, and siding. If you plan on renovating or remodeling your home this summer, it is crucial to identify potential asbestos-containing materials beforehand. Hiring a professional asbestos inspector can help you locate and assess any risks, ensuring proper handling and disposal if necessary.

Asbestos in Schools & Public Institutions

While it’s less common now, due to public health regulations, public buildings, such as schools, libraries, and government facilities, are another area where asbestos is likely to be present. Many older educational institutions were constructed using asbestos-containing materials due to their fire-resistant properties. When construction and maintenance is planned on these buildings, designated substance surveys are essential for proper asbestos management to ensure the safety of staff, students, visitors, and contractors.

Industrial & Commercial Buildings

Factories, warehouses, and even office spaces in the later 20th century used asbestos-based materials in their construction most often due to the mineral’s heat resistance and durability. Found in areas like ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, boiler rooms, and electrical insulation, asbestos awareness surrounding activities like maintenance and repairs is critical. If you suspect there is asbestos in your commercial property it’s important to follow regional guidelines and consult with a leading asbestos removal company like Inch By Inch Inspections. Our team is experienced with safe and comprehensive asbestos detection and asbestos removal in Mississauga

The Benefits of Designated Substance Surveys for Asbestos Detection

Detecting asbestos through proactive designated substance surveys offers business owners, homeowners, and contractors numerous advantages. Primarily, preventative asbestos detection through designated substance surveys streamlines the identification of asbestos-containing materials and other hazardous substances within a building early. This allows for the opportunity to address the issue before any significant renovations or demolitions occur. This early detection ensures that appropriate safety measures and protocols can be implemented, effectively preventing the release of hazardous asbestos fibers into the air, thereby safeguarding the well-being of residents and workers alike. Secondly, a professional DSS facilitates accurate documentation of the location and condition of asbestos, which in turn aids in developing comprehensive management plans for ongoing maintenance or future renovation projects. Identifying asbestos in its early stages also enables prompt and controlled asbestos removal, minimizing potential health risks and preventing costly delays or disruptions during construction activities.

To get rid of asbestos on your property trust the experienced technicians at Inch By Inch Inspections. 

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