When You Should Schedule Mold Testing in Toronto

Mold testing in Toronto is not always top of mind for property owners in the city. Most people are caught up with hectic schedules, day-to-day lives, and other maintenance that may arise throughout their properties. However, the issue of mold does catch their attention when a water damage incident occurs or the odour of mold gets under their nose. In order to avoid widespread mold infestations, or extensive mold remediation in Toronto, prompt scheduling of mold testing helps avoid many issues and complete mold removal promptly.

Read on for tips on when you should schedule mold testing in Toronto from the trusted and certified professionals at Inch By Inch Inspections.

Why Timely Mold Removal Matters

mold testing remediation TorontoOnce mold has infested your property, even in a small area, it will trigger adverse health effects and structural damage. To minimize the impact of mold infestations, a professional restoration company should conduct mold remediation in Toronto at the first sight — or smell — of mold. If mold goes left unchecked for a period of time, mold spores will travel throughout the property, and the infestation will spread. Widespread infestations in properties will cause long-lasting property damage, such as wood rot and insulation deterioration. In terms of your health, you may face fatigue, migraines, congestion, and other respiratory issues if exposed to mold. If you notice a change in your health, contact Inch By Inch Inspections for mold testing in Toronto and, if necessary, mold removal.

Water Damage or Floods

When water damage occurs, such as a pipe burst or ice melting into your home, water damage restoration and cleanup must be conducted immediately. Following water damage restoration, it’s best to contact a professional for mold testing in Toronto. While water damage restoration will repair and dry your property from water damage, it doesn’t take long for mold spores to infiltrate and cause long-lasting damage. A mold inspection will be able to identify any potential sources of growth in your home following water damage and help prevent future infestations.

Smell a Musty Odour?

Smelling mold is the easiest way to identify mold outbreaks that are hiding around your property. The strong, damp, and earthy scent that lingers in the air whenever you enter a room is a telltale sign that you have mold in your home and need to contact a professional. Each type of mold has a slightly different scent; for instance, mycotoxins release a strong and pungent smell, whereas allergenic mold has a milder scent. To confirm if the mold in your property is toxic and releasing mycotoxins, mold testing is required.

When to Schedule Mold Testing in Toronto

You should always schedule mold testing if you suspect mold has infiltrated your property. However, there are a couple of other times that it should be done as a proactive measure. Schedule mold testing before you move in or out of your property and before any renovations commence. This way, you can minimize infestation, exposure to dangerous mycotoxins, and prevent structural damage.

When to Reach Out to a Professional

When it comes to mold, it’s best to be proactive and contact a professional for mold testing at the first sight or smell of a mold outbreak. 

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