When Do Commercial Properties Need Asbestos Testing in Toronto

Asbestos may not seem like an immediate threat, as it can lay dormant in properties around the city for many years without undergoing professional asbestos removal services. But even if it’s not an active problem, asbestos-containing materials will quickly become one, even with the slightest disturbance. To ensure you don’t run into issues with the hazardous mineral, asbestos testing in Toronto from Inch By Inch Inspections will help you detect contaminated materials around the property.

Here’s a quick guide for when you should consider asbestos abatement in Toronto.

asbestos testing TorontoRenovations

When it comes to renovating your commercial property, there is a fun and exciting aspect to it. From designing, planning, and decorating, it can be enjoyable. However, before the design stage, there are some essential things to take care of, like asbestos testing. If there are traces of asbestos throughout the property, renovations, such as changing floors, or scraping off popcorn ceilings, will disturb asbestos fibres and lead to them becoming airborne and, as a result, inhaled. If renovations begin without professional asbestos testing in Toronto, many people, including yourself, may be at risk of asbestos exposure. 


If demolitions, like knocking down walls or cabinets, begin without an asbestos inspection, the risk of inhaling asbestos fibres is high. Asbestos fibres are delicate and may become airborne at the slightest disturbance, especially if the type of asbestos is highly friable. If you’re renovating areas of your property that include drywall or insulation, you may encounter friable asbestos. Non-friable asbestos, however, is generally found in linoleum and vinyl floor tiles, both of which tend to be destroyed during demolition. While friable asbestos becomes airborne easily, non-friable asbestos poses a more significant challenge. However, with enough force and power tools, non-friable asbestos will become airborne and pose substantial health risks. Before demolishing your floors or walls, contact a professional for an inspection and asbestos abatement. Once asbestos is removed and disposed of by our team at Inch By Inch Inspections, you’re able to begin demolitions without any risk of asbestos exposure.


When you’re moving into a new office building, you may accidentally cause some damage, such as a dent in the wall, scraping old popcorn ceilings, or disturbing insulation. Moving into new properties is a lot of work, and accidents happen. However, if the building you’re moving into was built in the mid to late 20th century, you could be at risk of asbestos exposure. Before moving into your new commercial property, contact a certified and professional restoration company for an asbestos inspection. Our Inch By Inch Inspections team will arrive quickly at the scene, identify all traces of the dangerous mineral, and eradicate it. Once completed, you’re able to move into your new commercial building without any health and safety concerns.


Retrofitting properties as a way to boost their energy efficiency is cost-effective and great for the environment. However, asbestos lurks in most properties built around 1985, and retrofitting may cause disruption and exposure. To prevent any chance of exposure or health risks, asbestos testing is the wisest decision.

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To ensure that your new commercial property is safe and that you’re able to carry on with renovations, retrofitting, moving, and demolition, contact a professional for asbestos testing and abatement services.

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