What is the Purpose of Designated Substance Surveys?

There are certain substances highlighted in designated substance surveys that are often found indoors that can pose a serious health risk; most of the time, occupants of a building are not aware of these contaminants. Depending on the substance itself, they could be the result of the natural environment, or they could have been used intentionally during the construction of a building. Regardless of how they ended up within the walls of a property, it’s vital for owners and contractors to know if these substances pose an operational risk. Based on the results of a designated substance survey, decisions can be made on further actions like asbestos removal or abatement to manage these contaminants. At Inch By Inch Inspections, we offer thorough DSS reports that give clear and actionable insights to support safe practices. 

What Are Designated Substance Surveys? 

asbestos removal DSS reportLegally mandated by the Ontario government, Designated Substance Surveys (DSS) or DSS reports are used to identify 11 harmful substances identified by the local government that are present within a building, where they are located, and what concentration. DSS reports must be conducted prior to renovations or demolition projects. The substances designated by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) in Ontario include acrylonitrile, arsenic, asbestos, benzene, coke oven emissions, ethylene oxide, isocyanates, lead, mercury, silica and vinyl chloride. Each substance occurs in different fixtures, decor, or building materials. For example, arsenic was once used for its pigments in wallpapers, paints or fabrics, and asbestos was used in the late 20th century to construct building materials like drywall, insulation, and flooring. 

Mitigate Hazards & Health Risks 

The primary purpose of designated substance surveys is to mitigate harm to anyone involved in work around a building related to construction or demolition. With the help of a designated substance survey, contractors are made aware of these substances, and actions can be taken to neutralize their threat to health and safety. From asbestos abatement to mercury removal, the proper precautions can be implemented, and work can proceed safely afterward. When scheduling your designated substance survey, it’s important to ensure that you choose a reliable and comprehensive provider in their approach so you can continue with a safe project. 

Keep Your Work on Schedule

The second benefit to planning and submitting a DSS Report before beginning a project is that you can better plan your schedule and stay within your expected timeline and budget. There can be serious consequences if a designated substance survey is not completed correctly or a harmful substance is encountered during demolition. The project may be paused or stopped indefinitely. Refraining from a DSS report when there are contaminations from the Designated Substance list on your property can also result in a hefty fine, adding to your project costs. Finding a responsible and reliable service provider like the Inch By Inch Inspections team will mitigate these mishaps and keep the construction running smoothly. 

DSS Reports & Inch By Inch Inspections 

At Inch By Inch Inspections, we offer an end-to-end approach to indoor air quality and asbestos management; from detection to abatement, you can count on our experienced and certified team of professionals. 

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