What Can You Detect From Infrared Thermal Inspections

Good air quality in your home is essential in creating a safe and comfortable space. You probably spend all your downtime at home to relax and unwind from a long day's work. If you suspect an irregularity in your home or are planning a significant change/renovation, an infrared thermal inspection or asbestos inspection can provide substantial insight into the condition of your building materials and air quality, so you can build a healthier home and minimize any accidents. 

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Explore the different problems infrared thermal inspections can detect below.

What Are Infrared Thermal Inspections?

infrared thermal inspectionInfrared thermal inspections are a type of inspection method to detect any faults within your home. It detects heat that is being radiated off objects to find any irregularities. These often indicate and point to the root of the problem. Though it can't necessarily detect harmful substances to conduct asbestos removal in Toronto, it will help restore the functionality of your home through repairs. 

Faults in The Insulation

Infrared thermal inspections are able to detect defects through the temperature around the home. The sole purpose of insulation is to prevent the transfer of cold and warm air from the outside to inside your home. If the thermal camera detects a difference in temperature near insulation, it's very likely a sign that you need new insulation. 

Excess Moisture

Water leaks from pipes or through poor insulation can result in water damage in wood or mold growth. This can be a risk to your health and the home's structural integrity, weakening the house's wooden skeleton. With the thermal inspection, catching these early will create a better chance to remediate the issue before further measures need to be taken. 

This is a good way of knowing what can potentially cause mold growth. Condensation, excess moisture, and burst pipes behind walls. 

Leaks and Defects in Foundation

Cracks in the building's foundation can lead to leaks and excess energy used to warm or cool the home. This can also be an opportunity for water, air, and possibly insects to enter the house. The infrared thermal inspection technology will help to find those cracks to prevent further infestation and flood and reduce energy bills. 

HVAC and Air Conditioning

Thermal imaging is a great way to determine whether your home has sufficient airflow and how your HVAC is holding up. If it detects different temperatures in different areas of the house, there is a fair chance your HVAC needs repairs or replacement. Ensure a cozy season this winter, and get your HVAC fixed as soon as possible to enjoy the winter months.

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