The Harmful Effects of Asbestos Water Pipes in Toronto

asbestos testing and removal torontoAsbestos is a natural fiber that is strong and has chemical and fire-resistant features. Having such properties makes it useful in building and manufacturing firms. They are mainly used for sound absorption, insulation, fireproof in vehicles and textiles, and the strengthening of plastics and cement. Products such as pipes, floor tiles, electric wire casings, coatings, paints, and others contain asbestos.

Increased concerns over the dangerous impacts of asbestos on people’s health have been raised over the past years. Asbestos testing in Toronto revealed the dangers of asbestos in water pipes containing microscopic holes. Such holes may result in water contamination. Furthermore, they can result in the growth of molds at home, posing a danger to the development of infections on and in the body. However, government measures on asbestos removal in Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Oakville, and the GTA are underway. Inch By Inch is here to get rid of asbestos in water pipes professionally.  

Diseases Caused by Asbestos

Cement pipes supplying water at home are made of asbestos fiber. Current research in asbestos testing in Toronto shows that most water systems portray a substantial possibility of being corroded. This risks people's health as they get exposed to high amounts of asbestos.

Water from pipes made of asbestos is dangerous as they cause permanent damage to the lungs, Stomach lining and chest cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and tuberculosis. Such cancers result from the deep lodging of asbestos fibers in an individual’s body or lungs. It is spread mainly in Canada and the United States.

With increased knowledge of the pipes' dangers, more efforts are directed towards asbestos removal in Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Oakville, and the GTA.  The government invests in removing the asbestos pipes and replacing them with other lines.

Asbestos Exposure Signs

Every individual is at risk of getting exposed to asbestos. Unfortunately, higher chances are for those who have worked with asbestos. Asbestos testing in Toronto showed that the more prolonged the exposure, the more severe the symptoms and the disease. Hence, signs of asbestos diseases may be evident after a long period of exposure.

Individuals who may suffer diseases related to asbestos may experience the following signs.

  • Lack of appetite
  • Abdomen or chest pains
  • Substantial loss in weight
  • Swelling of the face or neck
  • Coughing with sputum containing blood
  • Fatigue
  • Development of hoarseness or experiencing swallowing difficulties

Risk to Water

Asbestos testing in Toronto aimed to assess the levels of asbestos in the water and implement appropriate actions in mitigating the health risks on individuals. The reports showed health concerns about the asbestos pipes' drinking water. The research showed this water might result in cancerous tumors in body organs such as gastrointestinal tracts.

However, the research lacked consistency and assuring proof that there are adverse effects in asbestos ingested. Hence, it is not necessary to formulate a concentration of asbestos that is the maximum acceptable in drinking water.

We Are Here to Help

Even though ingestion of water with asbestos may have minimal health risks, you must visit a health center. Signs may be profound after a long period and result in severe health issues like cancer. Even when you're feeling healthy, but have been exposed to asbestos, take measures for self-protection by talking to a healthcare provider.

There is a need to take action in our homes, including testing and removing asbestos materials. Contact us for more information on asbestos testing, removal, and proper disposal per the law.

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