The Benefits of Preventative Asbestos Inspections

The thought of asbestos can be intimidating. It’s rare that homeowners are aware of asbestos existing in their living quarters as we don’t typically pay attention to what is in our attics and other lesser visited areas, where asbestos is generally found. And even when we are in other areas where we can discover asbestos (flooring, ceiling tiles, etc.), the hazardous mineral can be difficult to detect without a professional asbestos inspection in Toronto. That is why our experts at Inch By Inch inspections strongly suggest calling for an asbestos inspection in Toronto to be entirely sure. We have skilled techniques to help determine what is in your home. If you want to schedule a designated substance survey in Toronto, Inch by Inch can help. 

Read on to learn more about how calling for a preventative asbestos inspection can be beneficial.

Risks of Asbestos Exposure

asbestos inspection TorontoThe main risks asbestos has on the human body are through the respiratory system, specifically the lungs. Here are many possible ways it may affect the lungs:

  • Lung cancer
  • Asbestosis: permanent lung damage
  • Mesothelioma: rare cancer in the chest and stomach lining
  • Cancer in the kidney and respiratory tracts
  • Scarring in the lung lining
  • Fluid collection around the lungs

The individuals affected by asbestos are typically workers in occupations that deal with asbestos firsthand or are surrounded by it, including; building demolition, construction workers, chemical and flooring manufacturers, etc. 

Depending on the level of asbestos and the amount of exposure to it, the severity of the symptoms can vary. Individuals who are regular smokers are prone to more severe symptoms as their lungs are not as strong. Genes can also play a role in this; if you have a family history of weak immune or respiratory systems, asbestos can be more effective. By carrying out a designated substance survey in Toronto, you can prevent these severe health risks and promote a healthy and long life.

Benefits of Asbestos Inspection

It’s always good to be sure that your home is free of asbestos. Booking an asbestos inspection can be highly beneficial: 

  • Early Detection of Asbestos: Asbestos can take decades to show its symptoms, and it’ll be too late when they do appear. By undergoing an asbestos inspection in Toronto early on, it can eliminate that risk of symptoms. 
  • Property Value: When you are ready to sell your home, when buyers find out that there is asbestos in it, no one will want to buy it, and if so, it will only sell for a fraction of your asking price. Discover and rid your home of asbestos to get your home to the highest value possible.
  • Plans for Renovation: If you want to renovate your home, it’s crucial to know if you have asbestos before any demolition. If you fail to do so, when fully exposed to excessive amounts of asbestos, it can cause serious health risks and allow asbestos particles to be released into all areas of the home.  

Asbestos Inspection with Inch by Inch

It’s difficult to not worry if there is asbestos in and around your home. Inch by Inch can help put your mind at ease with this with asbestos inspections in Toronto and the GTA. With certified professionals and excellent customer service, count on us to bring your home back to a safe and healthy state. 

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