Should Business Operators Be Concerned with Radon Testing?

When it comes to your commercial properties, keeping your tenants safe isn’t just an add-on — it’s a requirement. That’s why Inch by Inch offers commercial property inspections in the GTA. These inspections help protect you, your team, and your clients from any environmental contaminants and help prevent long-term property damage. Radon testing is one type of inspection that’s growing in popularity as more and more commercial property owners learn about this lurking danger.

The team at Inch By Inch Inspections can help you identify potential radon on your property with our advanced air quality testing equipment and trained technicians. Here’s what you need to know about radon and commercial properties. 

The Source of Radon

commercial property inspectionsIt’s more common to hear about residential radon contamination, but it affects commercial buildings just as often. Radon gas forms deep inside the earth as a by-product of decaying uranium. It naturally moves through the soil and, in the best-case scenario, disperses harmlessly into the atmosphere. But buildings, especially those with deep foundations or basements, can create areas with different air pressure, which can attract and even concentrate radon gas into the low-lying parts of buildings. 

The Health Effects of Radon

Without radon testing, there is no way to know if your commercial property is affected. Radon gas is invisible and has no odours, taste, or sound. This is problematic because exposure to radon gas is the second-most leading cause of lung cancer after tobacco. Radon particles are radioactive, and when they enter our lungs, they cause small-scale cellular changes and inflammation that cause cancer and other severe lung conditions. Without any physical way to know you’re in danger, you could experience exposure to harmful amounts of radon gas — and over the long term, this can be deadly. 

How You Can Detect Radon

The good news is that radon tests in Toronto are easy and discreet. Inch by Inch Inspection uses the latest in sophisticated radon testing devices, which are small and unobtrusive. We carefully install these devices where they’ll be able to take the most accurate readings over a 3-6 month period. This extended testing period is essential to get a precise reading because radon gas levels can fluctuate throughout the year. Once this passive testing period is over, we’ll pick up our device and send it to the lab for analysis. 

How to Get Rid of Radon Gas

If our radon gas inspection discovers amounts above safe levels, the Inch by Inch team can help suggest radon mitigation strategies. For many homes and businesses, this could look like:

  • Radon gas barriers
  • Sealing foundation cracks and gaps
  • Water pump/pipe sealing
  • HVAC modifications

Every commercial property is different, however, and your solution will depend on the individual needs and characteristics of your building. 

Start Radon Testing with Inch By Inch Inspections

Do you have questions about radon gas or commercial property inspections? The Inch by Inch team is here to help you find answers and develop a plan to keep all of your building users safe from environmental contaminants. Whether you’re interested in radon testing, mold testing, or a general indoor air quality assessment, we can help! Connect with the Inch by Inch team today to learn more about our products and services. 

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