Products You Can Find In Burlington That Still Contain Asbestos

asbestos removal burlingtonThe government has officially banned the use of asbestos in construction and building-related products. However, this potentially harmful and toxic substance is still present in some products. There are still numerous everyday products that might shock you by containing asbestos. So, if you are worried about asbestos presence in your house, read our blog to find out more. Then hire experts like Inch By Inch for air quality testing in Burlington and asbestos removal services in Burlington.

Crock Pots 

You might not know, but asbestos is not just in your popcorn ceiling. It can be in the products that you use to cook your food. Yes, kitchen appliances such as crock pots can contain a significant percentage of asbestos in their compossition. 

Consumer products made during the 1900s and some of them today increase your risk of asbestos exposure. Crockpots and slow cookers can be contaminated. These kitchen items increase the risk of developing a list of diseases, including lung cancer. Unfortunately, things designed to provide you with a way for safe, quick, and easy cooking can become the reason for your health condition. The primary reason for using asbestos in crock pots is that this material is highly durable and has fireproofing abilities. 

Vermiculite Insulation

Maintaining proper insulation in your house is the most important thing to do. It prevents mold and mildew growth, as it limits the moisture present in your home. Insulation also helps get a comfortable and relaxing indoor environment. However, commonly used vermiculite insulation can become the reason for the poor air quality in your house, as it contains asbestos. 

Although people use vermiculite insulation to insulate attics, it can expose homeowners to asbestos. Fortunately, manufacturers don’t produce this material today, but it can be present in older buildings and homes. If you are worried about the presence of asbestos in your house, experienced professionals like Inch by Inch can perform air quality testing in Burlington. Once you know whether you are exposing yourself to asbestos, you can think about its solution. 

Potting Soils 

Vermiculate comes with naturally occurring asbestos known as tremolite-actinolite and is used in some type of fertilizers and soil. This mineral helps in plant growth, and it looks like bright silver or gold flakes.

You also need to know that vermiculite present in the potting soils is ideal for seedlings, as it helps retain moisture and absorb water. This compound is also inert and protects seedlings from damaging elements like fungus. However, gardeners have replaced this fertilizer to a great extent with the perlite that has the same properties but retains the air. If you want to know whether the pots you have brought or the fertilizers used in your garden contain asbestos, hire experts to help you with asbestos abatement in Burlington. 

Vehicle Components

The automotive and transportation industry has used asbestos in its products for decades. The primary reason for using this material is that it provides higher frictions for brakes. Besides that, this mineral also works well in high temperatures, i.e., they have fireproofing properties that keep the operators and equipment safe from fires. 

However, since many auto companies are using this mineral, many employees are still at risk. Not to mention, it also has a significant effect on consumers. The following are some components that may include asbestos:

  • Clutches
  • Brake pads
  • Gaskets
  • Hood liners
  • Valves 

Bottom Line

The presence of asbestos in your house can be highly concerning for you. This is why you need professionals who can help with asbestos removal in Burlington. In that case, Inch By Inch has you covered. We can check your air quality to know the asbestos level in your house. Once you know that, we can help you identify the elements that may emit asbestos in your home.

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