Inspections Reveal the Hidden Effects of Water Damage

In the spring and fall, when rainfall amounts increase in the GTA, water damage to your home or business are a more common occurrence. Inch By Inch Inspections specializes in mold removal in Mississauga, and the best way to check for mold - the number one hidden effect associated with water damage, is to do it immediately after you know or suspect you may have water damage. How does Inch By Inch check for mold, especially when it is not apparent? One method used by leading restoration professionals is an infrared thermal inspection. These inspections are perfect for when you do not know the history of a home or business that you may either be considering buying or have just or recently bought.

Infrared Thermographic Inspections

infrared thermal inspectionInfrared imaging quickly and accurately identifies water or plumbing leaks, heat loss and electrical issues so you can take proactive corrective measures. They scan large areas rapidly and affordably, with no damage, downtime, or risk. These types of scans take away the costly, time-consuming, and damaging need to poke holes or tear down pieces of walls, giving you the correct diagnosis and scope. With that information, you need to take immediate action and diagnose to restore the existing problem and prevent future mold problems.

Why Does Mold Need Remediation?

Did you know that in just 48 hours after a leak, water damage can lead to mold infestation? Mold spores travel easily throughout a property without detection at first, accumulating and spreading in hot, moisture-ridden and dark rooms. Mold infestations can lead to mild to severe allergies or trigger existing ones. Indoor air quality suffers, which can lead to a myriad of other health problems. The extent of issues from mold isn't limited to your health - mold can lead to damage to property or belongings, as well as structural damage to the home. As you can see, the need for remediation is relatively high to protect your health, belongings, and investment in the home or business you spend your time in daily. Call Inch By Inch Inspections for your mold removal appointment in Mississauga.

We all know that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, making infrared thermal inspections the ideal cost-effective way to check for faults before they become a bigger problem.

Structural Damage You Can’t See

Flooding, burst pipes, drain backups, sewage backups in basements and water leaks from many sources, and in many places, all have risks associated with them. Drywall may be soft or "delicate" only on the inside, electrical damage or wood rot are all possible from any of the water issues mentioned. Concerning ceilings specifically, as seeps and settles into the material, drywall and wood become oversaturated. As water sits in these materials, it breaks them down, resulting in rotting. Eventually, with water damage restoration, in Mississauga and elsewhere, depending on the climate and the time of year, your ceiling will crumble, resulting in significant damage to your property. Water damage has surpassed structure fires as the top cause of personal property damage claims across Canada. With higher deductibles, the time to call Inch By Inch is now!

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