How to Prepare for Asbestos During Your Bathroom Renovation

When renovating your washroom, there are some things you need to consider. To ensure your place is prepared for a bathroom renovation, asbestos testing in Toronto is a great place to start. Do-it-yourself bathroom renovations are a common endeavour for homeowners allowing you to take control of their spend and construction progress. Unfortunately, it can also be stressful not knowing what problems could arise when demolition is in progress. To ensure safety, contact Inch By Inch inspections for asbestos removal in Toronto to protect those in your home. 

Here’s how you can prepare for asbestos during your bathroom renovation.

Preparing For Bathroom Renovations

asbestos removal TorontoRenovations are a great way to revamp your residential or commercial property, although it’s a time that you may discover asbestos. One of the first steps to take when preparing for a residential or commercial bathroom renovation is to find out when your property was built. Properties built around 1985 used asbestos in building materials and can still be present in buildings today. Before you renovate your washroom, it’s crucial to know where asbestos is likely to be present and what it may look like. 

Asbestos-containing materials are often hidden, found behind places like wallpaper or sealed cable slots. When renovating, an accident involving concealed products like pipe wrap and drywall can lead to a massive release of asbestos fibres. This imposes a severe risk to those renovating if they’re not equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) or sufficient tools. If you suspect asbestos in your property, contact Inch By Inch Inspections. 

Understanding Asbestos & Its Dangers

Asbestos was favoured and heavily used for insulating buildings against weather temperatures, noise, and moisture. It was also used because of its fireproofing abilities and affordability before being deemed hazardous. As it has been discovered, asbestos and asbestos-containing materials are highly toxic, and if disrupted, they could cause havoc on your property and health. Materials in your bathroom that may contain asbestos are insulating elements of showers and tubs, tile adhesives, joint sealants, leveling compounds under floor coverings, filler on walls and ceilings, and insulation behind radiators, heating pipes, or vinyl floors. If friable asbestos is exposed or tampered with, it can be released into the air and onto surfaces, becoming airborne and a danger to those exposed. When asbestos is inhaled, it can lead to dangerous sicknesses like lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis and take years to develop. 

Asbestos Testing in Toronto

When it comes to asbestos, being prepared is of the utmost importance. Professional asbestos testing in Toronto enables you to safely identify any possible exposure or disruption before starting renovations. If you are renovating an older home, be prepared for unexpected sources of asbestos by scheduling asbestos inspection and testing before even starting your renovation. Still, if you suspect asbestos once renovations have already begun, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to prevent health risks and contamination. If you are concerned about possible asbestos exposure, wear PPE, and contact Inch By Inch for a thorough asbestos inspection. 

Asbestos Removal in Toronto

Don’t ignore signs of asbestos on your property,  contact a professional for asbestos removal. The team at Inch By Inch Inspections is highly qualified with years of industry experienced in asbestos inspection, removal, and remediation. Certified by the IICRC, Inch By Inch Inspections are dedicated to keeping our customers safe, which is why we offer affordable pricing and availability 7 days a week. 

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