How Long is the Asbestos Abatement Process In Burlington

Discovering asbestos contamination in the home is always bad news. This harmful material has very serious long-term effects on health, so it is in your best interest to get rid of it as soon as possible. Considering the high risk of exposure and other dangers of DIY removal, it is best to contact a professional asbestos removal company in Burlington. Experienced inspectors are equipped with tools and knowledge to safely and efficiently perform the process and guarantee that asbestos abatement was successful. How long will the removal last, depending on the procedure and the number of hazardous materials? Let’s take a closer look at the process to get a better idea of how it works.

Vacating the Property

asbestos removal company burlingtonAsbestos is a very harmful air pollutant, so if the contamination is severe, the cleanup often requires the residents to leave the property. This is especially the case with complete asbestos abatement in older homes. But don’t worry, professional inspectors are equipped to do the job quickly and efficiently, and you’ll be back home in a matter of 48 hours. If the contaminated area is small, you probably won’t need to leave your home at all. The inspectors will ensure that the contaminated area is properly isolated and finish their work while interfering with your everyday life as little as possible. However, keep in mind that while it is acceptable to stay at home during smaller removal projects, it is generally advised to leave the premises during any asbestos removal activities, no matter the size.

Testing For Asbestos 

After all asbestos-containing materials have been removed from the property, it is necessary to ensure that the removal was done thoroughly by testing the indoor air for asbestos microfibrils. This is done within a 48-hour window after the removal to ensure that there are no lingering pollutants. To avoid the conflict of interest, it is highly advised to hire a different Burlington asbestos removal company to do the testing. This will give you objective results and a guarantee that your home is safe and healthy. Suppose test results show a significant concentration of asbestos microfibrils. In that case, you should contact the company that performed the removal and ask them to complete the process and pay for the test that will confirm the job was finished successfully. This might take an extra few days, depending on the removal process and sample analysis speed.


Considering that sloppy removal can make your home (or parts of it) unavailable for additional few days,  finding a trusted, skilled inspector saves both your time and your nerves. If you are looking for an inspector in Burlington that knows how to perform asbestos abatement thoroughly and efficiently, reach out to Inch by Inch Inspections. The friendly, experienced staff of Inch by Inch is always ready to take on both small and large-scale projects and provide quality service any day of the week. Call Inch by Inch today to schedule your asbestos removal.


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