How DSS Reports Reduce Liabilities

When conducting a renovation or construction project, you want to ensure that the work environment is safe and free of all dangerous substances. To avoid any unnecessary risks, a Designated Substance Survey Report is required. A DSS Report ensures that all construction projects are completed without risk of exposure to hazardous substances and minerals throughout the demolition and renovation processes. Not only does a DSS Report substantially reduce the chance of surprise contamination or exposure during construction, but it also helps reduce liabilities for builders and property owners. 

At Inch By Inch Inspections we offer reliable DDS Report services so you can move forward with your construction projects safely and efficiently. 

Here's how a Designated Substance Survey Report will reduce liabilities.

What Does a Designated Substance Survey Check For?

designated substance survey reportA Designated Substance Survey Report checks for designated substances that may be present in the construction area. As per the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association and the Occupational Health & Safety Act, designated substance is a biological, chemical, or physical substance that may pose hazards to people exposed. While numerous substances and materials are found on construction sites, DSS Reports check for lead, asbestos, benzene, and acrylonitrile. The report will determine the presence of these hazardous materials, the immediate threat, and the risk involved. 

How Do DSS Reports Reduce Liabilities?

There are several negative repercussions if a DSS Report isn't completed and provided to the Ministry of Labour. For one, the construction or renovation project may be halted or permanently suspended. If the project becomes suspended, it costs time and money, which creates a significant financial burden. In addition, without this report, you may be liable for any health issues your workers experience due to exposure to hazardous substances. However, with a Designated Substance Survey Report, liabilities are reduced. A DSS Report ensures that there are no health risks or substances present. However, if designated substances are found in the report, then the proper processes can be completed, like asbestos testing and removal. A Designated Substance Survey Report is the most surefire way to minimize liabilities and prevent hazardous substance exposure and possible side effects. 

Benefits of Conducting a DSS Report

By conducting a DSS Report, you're able to begin your renovation or construction project without any worry. A DSS Report guarantees that your construction zone is free of dangerous materials or hazardous substances, so workers won't face exposure or health effects. These reports also save time and money; if your project gets shut down due to hazardous materials and you haven't conducted a DSS Report, it will cost you time, money, and labour, especially if it gets indefinitely suspended. 

DSS Reports With Inch By Inch Inspections

Instead of facing hefty fines, project delays, or possible health issues, conduct a Designated Substances Survey Report. While you may be eager to begin your renovation, you must take the proper steps to ensure it goes smoothly and efficiently. A DSS will minimize any liabilities and risks, such as adverse health effects from exposure to hazardous substances. To get started, contact Inch By Inch Inspections, where our team can conduct a Designated Substances Survey Report. At Inch By Inch Inspections, our experienced technicians will determine any possible substances on the property, and then take the proper measures to eradicate them. 

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