How Can a Flood Trigger Asbestos Exposure in Toronto

When your home floods, it can be daunting due to the many associated consequences. Not only does it require cleanup and restoration, but your furniture and personal belongings can be damaged and contaminated during the incident. When there’s a flood on-site, asbestos can be triggered if the mineral is found in construction materials. 

The best way to ensure your home or commercial property is safe is with professional asbestos testing in Toronto before you experience flooding in the first place. At Inch By Inch Inspections, we offer thorough assessments using advanced equipment and a strategic approach for asbestos removal in Toronto.

Read on to learn how floods can trigger asbestos exposure.

Preventing Asbestos Exposure During Flood Restoration

asbestos testing and removal TorontoAsbestos exposure can lead to serious health consequences like lung cancer, lung disease, or mesothelioma. These health concerns are why it's crucial to know the associated risks and how to prevent them from happening. The best way to avoid hazardous volatile organic compounds is to identify the risks beforehand. Identifying the risks prior to damage is the safest option, although many people don't think to do this as they may not know if your property contains the dangerous mineral. It's best to call a reliable restoration company for asbestos testing in Toronto if your home has experienced a flood or any other type of water damage to ensure your safety. The experts at Inch By Inch Inspections highly recommend that you do not touch or go near any material you think may be contaminated with the mineral. 

How Floods Trigger Asbestos

Natural disasters, including flooding, tornados, and earthquakes, can disturb the structure of properties, causing the asbestos to be disturbed. Asbestos is a lightweight substance used in construction materials such as pipes or cement. Though it was solid and durable at the time, slight contact can quickly cause fibres to become airborne once it deteriorates. When flooding occurs, it can come into contact with your insulation, drywall, pipes, and other materials that contain asbestos. The flow of water, even at a low volume, makes the asbestos fibres spread throughout the atmosphere. When flood damage restoration isn't performed by professionals and old piping or drywall is eliminated, it can worsen the spread of the mineral. 

How to Know if You're at Risk

Typically, exposure occurs when someone inhales asbestos fibres. When fibres are airborne, they can attach to almost anything, including your lungs. This can happen in your home and workplaces, especially in older factories or demolition projects. Before asbestos was banned from Canada in 2018 by the federal government, it was used in construction for residential, industrial, public, and commercial buildings all over the country. The mineral is still found in many different construction materials that are not visible to the eye. If your commercial property or house was built in the mid-20th century, around 1985, there is a potential that your property may have asbestos. Although, if it was built in the late 90s or early 2000s, you're less likely to come across asbestos. If you are concerned that your place may have asbestos, the best option is to contact a trustworthy restoration company that can perform accurate asbestos removal in Toronto. 

Why Choose Inch By Inch for Asbestos Removal in Toronto?

Inch By Inch Inspections is your top choice for water damage restoration and asbestos removal. If you experience a flood, don't tackle this problem by yourself. Contact the professionals at Inch By Inch to perform flood damage restoration and asbestos removal with adequate tools and equipment. 

Leave asbestos removal to the professionals and call Inch By Inch today!

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