Guide To Hiring An Asbestos Removal Company in Mississauga

asbestos removal servicesAsbestos testing and abatement are one of the most important steps you can take to protect your home and increase its value. Homes built before 1990 across the GTA likely have asbestos in the building, either in the insulation, plumbing, walls, or other areas. If you're looking to do a home renovation or planning on selling, it's essential to do a professional asbestos test and asbestos removal before proceeding. Asbestos can be highly toxic to all residents, and to protect your family and home, it's best to have your home checked as early as you can. Read more below for a quick guide to hiring an asbestos removal company and what you should be looking for. At Inch by Inch, we have a team of highly certified professionals to carry out asbestos removal in Mississauga.


One of the first things to look for when searching for asbestos removal companies is to check if they have the certification necessary to conduct the work. For all workers who participate in Type-3 abatement work (which includes the abatement work performed in homes) must be certified by OSHA. The certification proves that they have the required knowledge and training to safely and effectively carry out the work. Although there is no certification required for asbestos testing, certified asbestos professionals will have all types of asbestos certificates to prove that they are aware of end-to-end abatement removal and have knowledge of the process. Ensure that the company you're looking at has certification to prove that they are a reliable, authentic and professional asbestos removal company. At Inch by Inch, we have a team of certified and highly experienced professionals to help walk you through the entire process. 

Asbestos Removal Strategy

When speaking to an asbestos removal company, it's important to ask them their strategy to remove the asbestos in your home. They will likely first come to your home and do an inspection and test to check for asbestos and determine a removal strategy. Ensure that the company has a plan for securing the location, removing the asbestos and disposing of it safely. Asbestos cannot be thrown into the trash or bins and must be sent to a facility which can dispose of it safely. Ensure that the asbestos removal company has a plan for the safe removal of the asbestos and ask them for their strategy. 

Reviews and Reputation

When researching asbestos removal companies, one of the most important things to look for is the reputation of the company and online reviews. The reviews posted on their websites may not be that reliable as they select the studies to be published, but several websites such as Google and Yelp will post non-biased customer reviews. Check to see if the customers were left satisfied and for more information on the removal process. How long did the process take? Were there constant updates and good communication from the company. The user reviews will be able to provide the best summary of how the asbestos removal company works. 

Inch by Inch is one of the most reputable abatement companies operating across the GTA. If you're looking to do an asbestos test and removal, contact us today!

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