Get Ready for Your 2023 Renovations with a DSS Report

If you have renovations planned for 2023, such as an extreme demolition in your current home or revamping an old commercial or residential property, you’re likely experiencing both excitement and stress. Undergoing major projects require tedious steps, like submitting a DSS Report. A Designated Substance Survey Report, often called a DSS Report, ensures that all construction and renovation projects are completed without risk of exposure to dangerous substances. By reporting the presence of certain substances and eliminating them, projects can carry on safely and without liability.

Keep reading to learn more about Designated Substance Survey Reports.

What Your DSS Will Report On

designated substance surveyBefore a project begins, management must conduct a DSS Report to protect workers involved in the job and anyone else who may be on the property. A DSS Report will include a detailed assessment of the property, substances of concern, hazardous materials, and their location and prevalence throughout the property. Substances found in a DSS Report may include but are not limited to, asbestos, lead, mercury, silica, and arsenic. A Designated Substance Survey must only be conducted by certified inspectors, like the professionals at Inch By Inch Inspections.

The Importance of a Designated Substance Survey

If a DSS Report isn’t conducted, there are several negative repercussions. If a DSS Report Is not provided to the Ministry of Labour, the construction or renovation project may be paused or indefinitely suspended. Project delays will cost money and time, resulting in significant investment losses. In addition to losing time and money, failure to conduct a certified Designated Substance Survey, it’s possible you may face significant fines. Overall, it’s a costly report to miss. Aside from the financial burden of not providing a DSS, you may face liability by exposing your workers to dangerous minerals, potentially causing long-term health issues. 

Why You Need a DSS Report

A DSS Report is required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) to protect the workers involved in any renovation or construction project. Before any part of the project starts, no matter how minor, a DSS Report is required and to be submitted. Once completed, the project can begin safely without worrying about legal implications. Essentially, completing a Designated Substance Survey Report offers building owners, managers, contractors, and sub-contractors a clear picture of the working conditions and what necessary precautions need to be taken.

Why Choose Inch By Inch Inspections

Rather than face expensive fines and lengthy project delays, conduct a DSS Report to ensure the safety of your workers and a seamless renovation. Inch By Inch Inspections fully adheres to the highest practices in the industry, and our certified and trained technicians conduct comprehensive inspections to cover all areas of your property. 

By completing a DSS Report from Inch By Inch Inspections, you’re able to determine which designated substance is present through both visual inspections and independent lab testing. Once the prevalence of the substance has been identified and reported, eradicating all sources of hazardous substances is the next course of action. If a dangerous material or mineral is discovered, such as asbestos, our team at Inch By Inch Inspections will help you implement a comprehensive plan of action to eliminate it. This way, your project will continue easily.

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