Do You Need A Mold Inspection When Buying A Home In Toronto?

mold inspection torontoBuying a house is one of the most challenging tasks. You may worry about several things. Whether you have already purchased a home in the past or you are a first-time buyer, it’s vital to check the home’s condition before buying it. One good way to do this is by hiring a professional mold inspection company that offers mold inspection services. Additionally, look for the one that can perform a mold inspection in Toronto and the GTA and offers air quality testing in Toronto

What is a Pre-Purchase Mold Inspection?

Mold presence in the house is the most common concern for both sellers and buyers. No matter what type of mold is present in the house, it can affect the buyer’s decision.

Pre-purchase mold inspection Toronto and the GTA will help both parties during the process. If results show mold growth, the seller can opt for mold remediation and offer the homebuyer a signed report from experts that shows the house is free from mold. 

When it comes to buyers perspective, this mold inspection ensures that they don’t invest their fortune in costly repairs later. Knowing that it will be safe and secure to move into a new house encourages the buyers to purchase it as soon as possible. For this reason, at Inch by Inch, we suggest buyers opt for mold inspection before continuing with the selling process. This gives peace of mind to buyers, as they can purchase the house without worrying about the mold removal process. 

Benefits of Mold Inspections

There are several benefits of mold inspections. Some of them are:

Protect Your Health

Mold can lead to severe conditions such as seizures, extreme fatigue, respiratory problems, rashes, etc. It is incredibly harmful to elders, infants, and toddlers, as they are sensitive to mold. Having a pre-purchase mold inspection will help you ensure the adequate air quality in your Toronto home. 

Save Your Investment

You may already spend a significant amount of money while purchasing a house. It makes sense to ensure you are not investing in repairs and home improvements. Having a professional indoor air quality inspection & mold inspections before buying a house can help you ensure no significant mold issues that might lead to costly repairs in the future. 

Give You Upper Hand in Negotiations

If a buyer determines the mold growth in the house after an inspection, they get the upper hand to negotiate with the sellers. Use this information to bargain for the home. Make sure to check the prices of repairs and cost of mold remediation services in Toronto before negotiating. Plus, hire a skilled team that can help you assess the percentage of mold growth in your house through air quality testing in Toronto, such as Inch by Inch. In other words, you will be able to get a better deal. 

Reduce Risk of Structural Damage 

Mold growth in some areas of your house can be visible, such as wallpaper or behind walls, near plumbing fixtures, ceiling tiles or flooring, and underneath the appliances. Besides that, having mold on the wooden structures, electric wiring, and insulation can lead to structural damages. As a result, you may have to pay for expensive repairs. 

How to Test the Air for Mold?

Professionals use air testing kits to take air samples. It helps to collect data about mold spores present in your house. Later, experts send these samples to a laboratory to analyze the level of mold growth. 

Moreover, taking a sample is not that easy. You need to choose the possible area that is more likely to allow mold growth. This is why it’s not always necessary that all areas of a house contain mold. So, experts choose places by looking at the sign of mold development for accurate testing. 

Get a Mold Inspection in Toronto or the GTA

So, a mold inspection can benefit you anyway, whether you are planning to sell your house or purchase one. But for that, make sure to hire the best team, like Inch by Inch, which helps you figure out mold growth. Plus, the experts can even guide you to deal with the problems in the most effective way. Contact Inch by Inch Inspections today to inquire about your mold inspection services in Toronto and the GTA.

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