Choosing the Best Asbestos Removal Company in Burlington

A naturally-occurring, fibrous silicate mineral, asbestos was widely used in construction during the previous century. It became prevalent due to its favourable physical qualities and cheapness, and its versatility only contributed further. Asbestos was often mixed with concrete and other materials (roofing, insulation, flooring) to improve their fire resistance and durability. This didn’t turn out well in the long term, as it was discovered that exposure to asbestos microfibrils causes permanent lung damage and different types of cancer. This discovery, of course, led to its ban. However, many homes in Burlington were built before the ban and still contain hazardous materials. Asbestos abatement is unnecessary if the asbestos-containing materials are well-maintained, but any sign of damage is a red alarm and requires professional asbestos removal.

Why Hire a Professional?

asbestos inspection in burlingtonDue to the many dangers that follow asbestos abatement, the process must be carried out by certified, trained inspectors, following strict rules and procedures. Attempting a DIY removal often exacerbates the problem, either because of suboptimal equipment or a lack of knowledge. It takes some experience to identify all materials that contain asbestos and remove them safely and efficiently. Hiring a professional asbestos removal company in Burlington saves you a lot of time and guarantees your home is safe once the removal is completed.

How to Pick the Best Company?

If you are wondering how to identify a trustworthy, professional home remediation company, here are the three basic steps:

1) Verify insurance and licensing 

– Since home remediation companies work with hazardous materials, they need to have adequate licenses. Always ask the company about their certificates and what kind of insurance they offer before arranging asbestos abatement. Working with asbestos is a dangerous endeavour, and the company must have liability coverage. The best contractors will provide a complete protection policy.

2) Ask about their removal methods 

– It is also essential to gather more information about how the contractor removes and disposes of asbestos-containing materials. Ask them about the safety of the removal process, where hazardous materials go after being removed, and some details about the equipment (do they have vacuums with HEPA filters, what kind of machinery they use for demolition, etc.).

3) Do a background check 

– The staff of every home remediation company is different, so running a background check can certainly help to determine how trustworthy a specific contractor is. A simple internet search can yield relevant reviews, comments on forums, and other important information about the company. Even better, if you know someone who already used their services, make sure to ask them for an opinion.

This probably sounds like a lot of work, but considering health is at stake, it is better to take an effort and ensure that the abatement is done safely and thoroughly. The experienced staff of Inch by Inch can provide the quality service you are looking for and tailor the abatement according to your home’s needs. Reach out to Inch by Inch to learn more or to schedule an inspection.

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