Basement Mold Removal in Toronto

If you have noticed changes in air quality or health and wellbeing in your home, you may want to consider basement mold removal in Toronto. The lower part of your home can be a hotspot for excess humidity and a prime area for mold development. Some telltale visual signs of mold can be black smear or smudges as well as discolouration and bubbling on various surfaces. Moldy areas will also create a distinct odor that may come across as musty or stale. Mold reduces air quality by releasing spores and bacteria into you home’s indoor air. If this is your first time having to deal with mold, it is important to act fast because of the negative health effects of moldy air.

Basement mold removal in Toronto is your next step after detecting mold

Mold is a biological and naturally occurring fungus that requires moisture and a surface to develop. Areas in your home that have excess humidity are more likely to have mold. Your home’s basement does not have the best ventilation characteristics and is a common place to find mold. There are different types of mold and they can form in different colours and textures. The most common mold appears as black smears and smudges along walls and fixtures. Yellowing of areas may also mean mold has taken hold of the surface. Unfinished basements are even more susceptible to mold as exposed insulation and wood frames are common surfaces where black mold can develop. Look for black mold and other discolourations in your furnace area where your hot water tank is. These areas are known for elevated humidity. Mold can also cause bubbling on painted surfaces and finished drywall. Drop ceiling tiles in basements that are yellowing could indicate a pipe leak and will most likely be moldy. Wooden surfaces such as wall frames or paneling that have mold will eventually rot if not removed. Unappealing visuals and destroyed surfaces are just the beginning of mold related problems.

Mold in your home can have adverse effects on your health and quality of life

In addition to ruining surfaces and creating nasty odours, mold also reduces air quality by releasing mold spores and bacteria into the air. Moldy areas that are left undetected or are not repaired may spread causing a larger mold field and releasing even more pollutants into the air. Constant exposure to lower quality air can lead to a variety of health problems and changes in lifestyle. Common symptoms of moldy homes can be:

Longer term exposure to moldy air can cause more chronic and serious respiratory, kidney and liver conditions and basement mold removal is your next essential step to improve air quality. Mold can grow in the most inaccessible areas of your basement but can still reduce air quality in your entire home. Moldy air can create health problems that can turn into more severe problems and removal and restoration of the area is in your best interest to improve the health and wellbeing for the residents of your home.

Mold in basements is a common problem

Just by design, basements have poor ventilation and air circulation. Also, being below or partially below ground makes it an ideal location for elevated humidity and mold development. Furnace equipment and hot water tanks generate excess heat in normal operation creating an ideal environment for mold development. Moldy basements are a very common problem in residential properties especially in lower traffic unfinished areas.

Key factors for mold development

Mold is a very simple organism and only requires moisture, oxygen and a surface to develop and spread. Homeowners should be aware of some of the core causes that create the ideal conditions for mold to develop in basements:

Poor ventilation and air circulation - basements are usually located below ground and may not have many windows if any to promote air circulation and allow excess air moisture to evaporate. This elevates the humidity in the basement area and creates the perfect environmental condition for mold to take hold.

Condensation - Basements in residential homes are always much cooler than the upper parts of the home during the summer months. As warmer air form the upper levels combines with the cooler basement air, condensation could form on any number of surfaces which can aggressively promote mold growth.

Plumbing leaks - Many mold sites can sometimes be traced back to leaking pipes located in the basement. Finished basements that have plumbing hidden behind walls could be more prone as slow leaks may not be detectable immediately.

Exterior water leaks - Water will always travel downwards and even minor roof leaks can result in mold in your basement. Even small cracks in the exterior walls of the foundation can allow moisture from rain to enter the basement and create ideal conditions for mold.

Past flood damage - Any type of basement flood damage should be restored to its original condition. Excess rain can cause damage slowly while a catastrophic plumbing leak can create a flood within minutes. After any major incident, the area should be repaired and restored and basement mold removal in Toronto should be considered to complete the restoration project.

Controlling humidity in residential basements has always been a challenge making the basement of your home a hotspot for mold development. Mold can also take hold in areas that are less active allowing it to spread unchecked creating major air quality issues throughout the rest of the home. In addition to repairing and restoring the affected area, experienced mold remediation specialists who understand residential mold problems will offer solutions unique to your home to prevent future occurrences of mold infestation and improve air quality promoting a healthy living environment.

What can you do to control and prevent mold

Mold infestation and development is dependant on excess humidity levels and most prevention measures revolve around controlling and minimizing air and liquid moisture from coming in contact with the basement. Basements present a bigger challenge for mold because of their location sub-ground and poor air circulation and insulation characteristics. Some steps you can take to help control moisture around the basement are:

Unfortunately, not all prevention measures are perfect and basements are notorious for being damp and moldy. Regular air quality checks can identify potential mold problems early on and hiring professionals who provide basement mold removal in Toronto is your best choice for air quality testing, complete mold detection and removal, restoration of the area and solutions to correct air flow and moisture issues to prevent future mold infestations. Experienced teams that have extensive residential mold experience, such as ourselves, understand how mold grows and the preferred locations for the fungus. Detailed and thorough visual inspections will reveal all mold fields in your home ensuring the most thorough removal job possible.

InchByInch is your trusted partner for basement mold removal in Toronto

Mold in your home is a serious concern and can greatly reduce air quality, cause health issues and reduce the quality of life of the residents of your home. Strange odours, changes to lifestyle and specific visual elements can indicate a potential mold problem and having a professional inspection by InchByInch will confirm any mold related issues. We are trained in the most current inspection methods and use the latest equipment to test and locate mold in your home. When hiring us for basement mold removal in Toronto, you can expect the most complete inspection, removal and remediation job possible that will restore air quality to safe and healthy levels. From beginning to end, we will keep you informed on job progress and be committed to your total satisfaction at completion. Mold in the home can cause health issues and must be handled by professionals that understand all aspects of mold development and removal. Contact us at 888-445-0737 or visit for more information.

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