Contracting a Professional Mold Inspector in Toronto

Mold outbreaks can happen in various parts of the home, and for a variety of reasons. With the right conditions, mold can easily find a habitable breeding ground, even in a newly built home. When the indoor environment is moist or humid, mold can find nourishment from numerous sources. It may be damp carpeting, it may be wet drywall, or it may be insulation that has been waterlogged. Whatever the case, mold should be removed, and removal should be professional.

For homeowners looking for a professional mold inspector in Toronto, Inch-by-Inch Inspections can provide a complete service – from inspection, to removal, to remediation. Inch-by-Inch belongs to InterNACHI  and the IICRC– the industry's largest organization, with comprehensive Standards of Practice, and a Code of Ethics that ensures strict industry standards for mold inspection. At Inch-by-Inch, the aim is to inspect and identify mold, while ensuring a safe environment for occupants.

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To be certain about hiring a professional mold inspector in Toronto, homeowners can count on the team at Inch-by-Inch. Inspection work includes both the interior and exterior of the home, which is followed by any testing that may be required. In situations where there is water damage, mold inspection is even more important, particularly in determining the origin and scope of any contamination. Also important is to determine whether a mold infestation is actually hazardous.

When hiring a mold inspector in Toronto, a comprehensive approach is essential for the best results. Because of the potential for danger, inspection and testing must be through and in-depth – anything short will not guarantee longer-term success. When inspection is comprehensive, it will set the stage for appropriate mold removal and a thorough cleanup that will be permanent.

What’s most important is a professional approach – this is not the right time for a DIY effort.

Choosing the Right Mold Inspector in Toronto

Inch-by-Inch Inspections provides experienced, certified mold inspectors for every job. These specialists pinpoint the mold infestation, report their findings to the homeowner, and offer an action plan for mold removal. Once an inspection has been completed, a detailed report allows the property owner to understand all of the options. With Neutral Reporting, Inch-by-Inch allows customers to come to their personal conclusions, and make astute decisions going forward.

Whatever might have caused a mold outbreak, it’s better to have remedial work performed by a professional mold inspector in Toronto. Professionals have the right tools and equipment. They have experience and expertise. And they can guarantee remediation success. With Inch-by-Inch, property owners are assured of quick response times, competitive pricing, and effective results for the long-term. Inch-by-Inch is available 7 days a week, with no-charge for follow-up calls.

In Toronto, and throughout the GTA, Inch-by-Inch inspectors offer trusted, reliable service, regardless of the size of job. By following strict industry standards, Inch-by-Inch can ensure a high level of business integrity for every customer. To arrange for an on-site assessment for commercial property inspection or residential mold removal call Inch-by-Inch at 416-826-7172, or visit the company website at .

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