Indoor Air Quality Testing in your Office: Is your Building Sick?

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office indoor air qualityBelieve or not, buildings can be sick and sick building syndrome is a term widely used in property management circles. Commercial and office space structures are much more complex than residential and require a higher level of engineering when it comes to controlling and management of the inside environment of the building. Insulation and duct materials, HVAC equipment and airflow systems used in commercial development are all of heavy duty nature and must be constantly maintained to deliver consistent performance. Inefficiency or faulty operation of any part of the building could lead to sick building syndrome. Indoor air quality testing in your office would identify any current or potential issues.

Invisible factors reducing productivity

Today’s ultra-competitive business environment means that efficiency and productivity drive the bottom line. Savvy managers and owners will always look for ways to optimize assets and resources to increase profitability. One of the most overlooked factors is the air everyone breathes. Lower quality or bad air in office and commercial spaces will drastically reduce the productivity of the human part of your business as health issues will most likely affect workers negatively. Detailed air quality testing in your office is the first essential step in effectively managing the quality of the air and restoring and increasing productivity from your employees.

Signs of an unhealthy workspace

Commercial and office spaces have more complicated requirements when it comes to managing the inside environment. The constant flow of air and proper insulation is critical to maintain acceptable air quality and the building’s equipment must be in constant working order. Owners and managers who see an increase in taken sick days, reduced workload and output and increased complaints from employees may have a serious air quality issue. Similar complaints from your company’s health and safety committee should be acted upon immediately and air quality testing in your office by a reputable contractor is the first stage in resolving the problem.

Air quality management increases the bottom line

Companies that rely on people to stay in business must treat workforce as a resource and not an expendable asset. Sick building syndrome is caused by poor airflow and faulty environmental systems that cause low quality air in the workspace. Working in a polluted environment will cause health and morale issues among employees leading to reduced productivity and decreased profitability. You take your business seriously and indoor air quality testing in your office on a regular basis by a professional company like Inch by Inch is essential to maintain the health of employees, keep productivity up and drive your business’s profitability.

Inch By Inch is the best choice for indoor air quality testing in your office

Excellent air quality is a must for a well-run business. Employees and workers that are exposed to low quality or bad air will most likely develop health related issues which will end up costing the company more in lost productivity and increased health costs. Checking air quality on a regular basis should be on every manager and owner’s monthly check list and the professionals at Inch By Inch can create an air quality management solution for your business. Inch by Inch has the commercial expertise and the latest tools to uncover air quality issues and recommend effective solutions to keep your business operating at the highest level. Contact Inch by Inch at 416-826-7172 or 1-888-445-0737 or click here for a free quote.

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