The Rules Around Asbestos Removal in Burlington

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Asbestos was once a widely used building material in Canada until it was banned in construction in the mid-1980s. It was proven that exposure to its microfibrils can cause severe long-term effects on health, so asbestos got on the toxic substances list. Since asbestos was actively used for more than a century before the ban, many residential and business buildings in Burlington still contain it. Getting asbestos air testing is the best way to know whether your home is safe. As this material can cause many harms, it is best to reach out to a professional and hire a certified Burlington asbestos removal company.

Why Are Asbestos Removal Regulations Necessary?

asbestos removal burlintongWhen asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are subjected to damage or abrasion, they release very light microscopic fibrils that readily become airborne. Once these particles are inhaled, they damage the lung tissues, causing tiny cuts. With prolonged exposure, continuous cutting leads to chronic lung inflammation, scarring and severe lung diseases. Because asbestos is so dangerous, specific rules need to be followed to remove it safely.

Due to its physical qualities and ease of spread, asbestos is treated differently than other toxic substances. Even the slightest disturbance can lift its microfibrils into the air and create a risk of exposure. Handling and removing it properly requires safety equipment and certified technicians. ACMs can be hard to recognize considering there were various building material manufacturers, and not all of them used asbestos, nor the same type. Identifying them requires experience and training, so your best bet is to contact a professional asbestos air testing company in Burlington.

Occupational Health and Safety Act Ontario

Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act includes a list of designated substances – “physical, chemical or biological agents or mixture is considered hazardous. The risk of exposure to workers is prohibited, regulated, restricted, limited and/or controlled.” If you plan to renovate or repair parts of your home, you will need a Designated Substance Survey (DSS), especially if the building was constructed before 1990. Aside from the other common contaminants (lead, radon, molds, VOCs, etc.), this survey also includes asbestos testing. DSS helps pinpoint potential threats and ensures that the workers and occupants are safe during renovation and building maintenance activities.

Asbestos Disposal Regulations

Just like the removal process, the asbestos disposal process also requires following certain rules. Asbestos waste cannot be treated like regular construction waste. Removed ACMs need to be packed and sealed to prevent the spread of microfibrils. As a hazardous material, asbestos cannot be taken to a regular disposal facility. Instead, ACMs must be taken to specialized facilities authorized to handle such waste.

Inch By Inch Inspections Can Help You Get Rid of Asbestos Safely

Hiring Inch by Inch’s certified staff ensures a thorough, safe and efficient asbestos removal for your Burlington home. Our inspectors are always ready to provide quality service and make your home a healthier place. Make sure that your home is asbestos-free, and schedule your inspection today. Reach out to Inch by Inch Inspections.

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