Flat Roof Inspection for Maintenance and Longevity

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Most property owners don’t give a second thought to roofing. In other words – if it isn’t leaking, it isn’t really a problem. Clearly, this is short-term thinking, and can potentially come back to haunt. That’s why it’s important to have a regular flat roof inspection. A proactive inspection is a sure way to prevent immediate problems from escalating and longer-term problems from developing.

Naturally, the life expectancy of a flat roof is dependent various factors, particularly the severity of weather in the region. Also at play is the material composition of the roof, and here, quality roof materials can make a difference in terms of longevity. Without doubt, a routine flat roof inspection is highly recommended, even when there are no visible signs of damage or decay.

A roof inspection may detect sources of roof leaks or drainage issues

In Canada, industry association data shows that a high percent of inspection issues are directly related to roof leaks and/or water penetration. Needless to say, a preventive flat roof inspection could be instrumental in identifying problems in the early stages, and addressing those problems immediately. Simply put, doing a comprehensive flat roof inspection will impact roof longevity.

Property owners know that doing a visual flat roof inspection from time to time is essential to proper building maintenance. However, nothing compares with an annual roof inspection that is comprehensive, especially after an intense season of rain, snow, and ice. Astute property owners often undertake additional roof inspections when weather events are more severe than usual.

Important signs to look for in a building with a flat roof

With roof inspection, a professional approach is highly recommended. Scheduling will depend on the condition of the roof, and past issues may prompt more frequent inspections. Doing it right the first time has long-term benefits - and cutting corners has long-term disadvantages.  In fact, when replacing a roof, a final inspection after installation is an excellent option going forward.

With a professional inspector, property owners are assured of a level of expertise that delivers results. Professionals have the right equipment and the necessary experience to provide a very in-depth inspection. Indeed, with today’s high-tech tools (like infrared imaging), they can often identify problems that aren’t visible to the naked eye. This can be very valuable in the long run.

The benefits of preventive/proactive roof maintenance

Proper roof maintenance makes for a longer lifespan for a flat roof. This can be further assured with a roof inspection that is both preventive and proactive – one that allows for early problem diagnosis and equally early corrective measures. For property owners, especially in a commercial setting, the benefits are many, and the upfront cost of prevention makes good economic sense.

Inch-by-Inch Inspections - for a professional roof inspection

Inch-by-Inch Inspections offers property owners a professional approach to building and roof inspections. Highly trained inspectors provide in-depth inspections, with an added focus on “hidden” problems. This is especially important with flat roofing, since many inherent problems aren’t apparent with a simple visual inspection. Having a professional inspection means that property owners receive the most accurate assessment, a reliable report, and remedy options.

Inch-by-Inch inspectors are InterNACHI-Certified. They subscribe to industry guidelines and follow a strict code of conduct. Building inspection or roof inspection, Inch-by-Inch guarantees client confidentiality, along with reporting that is concise and easy to understand. After each inspection, an action plan is proposed, ensuring that repairs or retrofits are targeted at the problems and issues that were discovered. Overall, customer satisfaction is at the forefront.

Property owners looking for professional inspection services can contact Inch-by-Inch directly at 416-826-7172. To learn more about other services, visit www.inchbyinchinspections.com

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