Dangers of DIY Mold Removal in Vaughan Homes

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Much to the surprise of homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, mold spores are present in about 70% of homes. Existing naturally outdoors, the spores travel in and out of homes through openings in windows, doors, and vents, where they are more or less harmless. Mold removal in Vaughan is not typically required until the spores form colonies and grow indoors. Mold testing from the professionals at Inch By Inch Inspections can help you assess whether or not the level of spores in the air require remediation. 

When most people encounter or notice mold, either by the pungent odour, it releases in indoor spaces or its dark earth-tone staining growing on walls, floors, and carpets. In an effort to eliminate the invading fungi, homeowners often attempt to take on mold removal in Vaughan on their own without mold testing, inspection, or professional remediation. Unfortunately, this process can be incredibly hazardous. 

Dangers of Mold Exposure

mold removal VaughanWhether you’re using a mold removal spray or physically brushing the instances of mold off your belongings and building materials, do-it-yourself mold remediation requires getting up close and personal with mold, which increases mold exposure. Mold spores release mycotoxins, a substance that makes you feel sick and worsens during extended contact periods. In fact, some people are genetically predisposed to mold-related health issues. 

Depending on the species of mold and the amount of contact you’ve had with it, the effects of exposure can vary. Industry professionals recommend professional inspections and mold testing to understand what species of mold is infecting your home. The most common types of mold encountered in residences are Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Fusarium, but in Canada, there are over 500 identified species of mold, including Stachybotrys or toxic black mold. The symptoms of exposure include, but are not limited to, coughing, wheezing, eye irritation, skin rashes, trouble breathing, headaches, nausea, forgetfulness, and more. DIY mold removal enhances the possibility of experiencing these symptoms and becoming sick. To protect you and your loved ones, it’s safest to schedule mold removal services from a trusted provider like Inch By Inch Inspections. 

Effectiveness of DIY Mold Removal in Vaughan

When you take on mold removal independently of a certified contractor, you can only remove mold that you identify visibly. Trained mold removal teams at Inch by Inch Inspections conduct thorough inspections and advanced mold testing to assess the scope of the outbreak. When professional mold remediation specialists are not involved in the removal, areas of an infestation can often be missed and regrow in the future. Mold spreads quickly, so while you may be working to eliminate it from the walls of your shower, it could be multiplying in your attic or even behind your walls. 

Mold Removal Sprays & Solutions 

On hard surfaces like tiles and flooring, a do-it-yourself mold removal spray may seem to be working, only for the infestation to return a few days later. And in soft or porous materials, the sprays are virtually ineffective, costing you more time and money every time. For effective mold removal in Vaughan, Toronto, or elsewhere in the GTA, professional restoration from the IICRC-certified team at Inch By Inch inspections is the way to go. Our meticulous and strategic approach to inspections, testing, and removal will ensure your property is healthy. 

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